Design Your Custom Aptera

Design Your Custom Aptera

Range Options & Base Price
1,000miles - $44,900, 600miles - $34,600, 400miles - $29,800, 250miles - $25,900

Drive Packages:

Front-Wheel Drive @ 100 kW, 0-60 mph as fast as 5.5 seconds

All-Wheel Drive @ 150 kW, 0-60 mph as fast as 3.5 seconds 


Interior Color Options

Coast: Sandy blues, Codex: Earth tones, Vida: Bright coral 

Custom – Choose any color for paint accents, stitching and seat inserts.*


Exterior Color Options

Noir – Black Body, Black Satin Pillars, Black High Gloss Roof

Luna – Silver Body, Aluminum Satin Pillars, Midnight Blue High Gloss Roof

Sol – White Body, White Satin Pillars, Black High Gloss Roof

Custom – Choose any color for body and finish.*


Never Charge Solar

Solar Roof – Estimated 16 miles of solar charging daily comes built in.

Solar Hood – Add solar onto your hood for up to 6 additional miles daily.

Solar Rear Hatch – Add solar onto your rear hatch for up to 18 additional miles of solar charging daily.


*If you select this option, you will pick custom colors for Aptera’s interior and exterior at a later date. We will contact you with more details.


Download Specs here. Deposit will be in US dollars. 


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