Leading edge materials and aerodynamics

Driven by the Sun.

Research shows the average consumer only drives 29 miles per day. 


With the Aptera’s Never Charge Technology, you can drive 40 miles per day and up to 11,000 miles per year just on solar power. To collect this power, we use over three square meters of solar panels that are easily upgradeable and replaceable.

That’s ultimately why the Aptera is the first ever Never Charge electric vehicle. And if you do need more power, just one charge from a standard 110-volt outlet will give your Aptera a range of 1,000 miles.

Ultra Streamlined Manufacturing

With additive manufacturing, we can now scale production and launch new models with unimaginable speed. 

Previously, steel stamping made these processes inefficient and exponentially costly.


Radically Light, Wildly Efficient

With generative part design, we use A.I. to optimize parts for the greatest strength with the least amount of material and weight. 

Inspired by fighter jets and race cars, our resin-infused sandwich-core construction produces lightweight composite structures many times stronger than typical steel-based vehicle designs.  

Outperforming on Efficiency 

Incredibly efficient, 100% composite, and fairly priced— there is no vehicle quite like the Aptera. 

With a 1,000+ mile range, the Aptera goes 4 times farther than competition like the Tesla Model 3 Long Range with 325 or the BMW I-3 with 114.


For example, the Rivian, needs a pack 5% larger than Aptera’s to go a quarter of the distance.


The Aptera travels up to 4 times the distance of electric vehicles with battery packs of the same size.


Most competitors have only a 200-300-mile range, and it takes a pack of 55-105kWh to achieve even that.