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Oct 7

Wish List


Edited: Oct 30


Well while things are gelling with efforts to relaunch Aptera.....

If someone asked... without adding significant weight gain and costs....

What have your enjoyed most on recent vehicles ?

What features haven’t you used much.

I would say...Outside the typical standard accessories and those offered as “Optional” on the old Aptera specification list, these are some things that I enjoy/use on present vehicles:





Push button or touch drive choices

Auto lights

Auto wipers

Minimum two remote buttons for garage/gate operation

Voice command to avoid or minimize touch screen controls

Pandora or APP to allow stream playing music on audio/navigation system

Remote start

Eco drive 

Information system on fueling/ “power up” stations in route/calculator

Power inverter (400-500 w would be great)

Interior release for fuel/power body hatch ( for security )

Hidden area/compartment from valet.

Tow alarm

Tow hook or option

Lane departure alert

It would be nice if the seats recline 


Accessories/conveniences :


Cargo strap and/or mat/spill containment liner

Cargo cover ( many cars are broken into because they see something inside)

Pocket size spring-loaded glass breaker with seat belt cutter

On Star type of satellite communication/alert option for remote location where cellular is not available

Any discreet built in alert signal for 911 needs.

Personal tracking system

A visual/audible security 👁, as people will be investigating / touching the Aptera!

(recently there has been a rash of keyed/scratched Tesla, but the security recorded the culprits)

Cover for vehicle

Inductive wireless charging for smartphone

Mirroring of some smartphone controls on vehicle screen

I have never had an electronic license plate (aka digital display plate) but could imagine that might have merits(?)

Overnight sleeping. Velcro attached, cargo bug mesh....if the cargo area lends itself for that possibility 


What I have and never or rarely use:


Heated steering wheel or seats

Air cooled seats


Leather interior are not dog friendly.


Sorry... I have never owned an EV or a three-wheeled vehicle, so it would be interested to hear from forum EV and three wheel vehicle owners/enthusiast 

I don't know about cooled seats - but in New England, heated seats and steering wheel are required equipment in any EV. They have virtually no waste heat, like any ICE vehicle, so heating the seats and steering wheel is by far the best way to warm the occupants. They use a few hundred watts, while a heat pump / resistance heater can use 2-5K watts. I would add to a wish list, a direct heating windshield defroster. VW is doing this, and again, it does the job at a tiny fraction of the energy; of even a heat pump. I really hope that Aptera can have video mirrors - if we can even think about autonomous features, then video mirrors for the driver to use, seems like a simple ask.

Oct 9

Hey Neil,

On a different note. I have been reading some chatter on a Tesla blog about phantom battery power loss in warmer states and EV parked outside.... with your EV family of cars....have you ever seen the same in the New England environment?

Aptera design with Solar Reflective glass and solar power venting should be a good thing. Perhaps even the location of the batteries and distance off the black asphalt could be a positive too. I am not sure how the resin core body may also insulate/help. (I am primarily a driver in the SW, a few hundred miles from Aptera.)

@Len That was something that some early Tesla's had, but it is no longer an issue.

Oct 8Edited: Oct 8

1. Blind spot monitoring as a standard feature. Not sure how visible will be the blind spots with this style.

2. Cross traffic alert when backing up. As a standard feature.

3. Parking sensors, especially to protect the wheel wells

4. Wireless android auto and apple carplay.

5. Decent sound system.

6. Heated seats. Power seats would be nice, but not if it adds too much to weight.

7. Autonomous braking as standard safety feature.

8. Colors other than the white from the very beginning.

9. Power tailgate would look really cool on this.

10. Heads-up display if there is no front instrument cluster.

11. Reduced cabin noise. Although I would think, with one less wheel than an average car and front wheels not encapsulated in the main body, the road noise should not be an issue. Auto pilot should be an option only. I have no need for it as I love driving my own car.

Oct 15

Aptera has announced they will offer different color wraps for the cars.

Oct 15

That may appeal to some!

I never had a wrap and I wonder it the care is much different than the resin body.

Are wraps easy to repair?

Do you wax a wrap material or just wash and spray clean with a suggested product? That was the care for the 3M film I had on a past vehicle. I never waxed the film. My film was clear and protected the vehicle nose paint when I did lots of highway driving. Same product used on race cars.

If this recently released picture is close to reality....


... there is not much to wrap. Looks like nearly 50% Solar reflective glass/ solar cells


Do you have link where we can see the colors?

New Posts
  • This may not be as important for the US market but Europe could be a big market. I first came across this in Europe when I was there on business in the late seventies. And it is still popular there. Mercedes Benz was big with this. 👈Do you think this could have merit for the vulnerable front wheel and rear corner of the Aptera? These light locations are also reflectors, in many US vehicles and are adequate. However this is a three-wheeled vehicle with the front wheel “hanging out low to the ground” If it is added as “an option”(I.e., *switch on if warranted in poor visibility/night parking)...Perhaps the Aptera’s  solar electric production could help “bring on the glow⚠️ “ *If I recall correctly, after that MB was powered off, switching on the blinker would illuminate the steady low illuminated/low energy night light
  • Since this section is for stories... While we wait to get the next Aptera announcement, as they work through their engineering work and head to the 🤞 2020 prototype vehicle, where we can “see” what the new vehicle, with all the new technology really will be... I was wondering about other less significant things, like this one: Situation: I have a keypad entrance gates to our huge community. The five access gates, each have a buried wired loop, which detects a conventional metal ICE vehicle... and opens automatically upon EXIT. It was reported...motorcycles have had difficulties to trigger the exit loop to automatically open the gate...(We have no proximity sensor beam) In an Aptera, given the vehicle composition/ ELECTRIC vehicle, I was told it may not trigger the same type of automatic exiting system as it does for my conventional vehicles. (Our gate system is pretty primitive and decades old so I trust more current systems are better or have proximity sensors, etc...) Options: If the Aptera had an on board remote (and I trust it will), like a HomeLink, a driver could simply open the gate at exiting by pressing the programmed button on the device. My two vehicles both have three buttons to operate three devices and hope Aptera plans for at least three * buttons to remotely activate devices .... as many people have two garage doors and perhaps a gate to operate... for one household alone . Of course alternatively a separate remote handheld opener will work. I suppose APPS on a smartphone could supplement multiple needs( But... I don’t like to carry more technology than I really need or dig for remote devices). I was also told this would work with the Aptera and my old gate: The quick fix is to give it a little juice while stepping on the brake. If you go forward a few inches with some power the field will pick you up. No big deal, just a unique vehicle, so in my case... this is just a matter of programming* and manually pressing a button to exit each of our gates. 🤔I wonder if there are universe mountable (concealed) remotes, where I can copy the gate code and rather that pressing my Homelink button, even for entering,  a proximity sensor or geofence technology could open the gate? I.e. without letting the horses and 🐄 in from the adjacent open range property😉
  • I just read this and thought I would share.... The very first headlamps, introduced in the late 1880s, used either acetylene or oil as the energy source. The costs of both sources were quite high, so few motorists had the opportunity to drive when the sun was down. The first electric-powered headlights hit the market in 1898 and were featured on the Columbia Electric Car. That’s right- the first electric headlights were invented in the 19th century on an electric car! Despite its introduction, electric headlights were not immediately commonplace for a couple of reasons. First, driving an automobile at the time as not exactly a smooth ride and was tough on the filaments. Also, it was hard to produce a light that was small enough for an automobile that could provide the necessary power. The modern electrical system was introduced by Cadillac in 1912, and from there hea d lights became more universal. Still, it wasn’t until 1945 that headlights and turn signals were considered the standard in American vehicles. We’ve come a long way since 1898 and it’s almost inconceivable to think that driving at night was once impossible! Wow... we have come a long way!