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Sep 8

Glad to be back again!


Thank you Aptera to create a forum to discuss everything about Aptera! It feels good to be back again after being active on the old forum before. I hope a lot of people will join here again to talk Aptera! Will there be a broader layout of the forum to keep things structured and on topic?

Hey Matthijs! So glad to be back on the forums again! I can't wait to connect with the rest of the members when they join, and see both old and new faces! Like you said though, I do hope they are able to structure it into sections (News, Help, General, etc) so that it can stay organized long term.


Here is my happy cat dance! We're back baby!




Who owned the original forum? It shut down some years ago, wish the posts could be recovered. So glad this vehicle may see reality! Good ground clearance except the skirts are a bit too close to the ground.

Yes, I was thinking that too. We have a lot of flooding and potholes where I live- anything too close to the ground here is easily damaged.

@Sapphire Dragon yes the skirts should be no lower than a typical passenger car's front bumper. I'd want it to not be striked by a sidewalk.

Sep 9Edited: Sep 9

@Daniel Watkins I was a moderator on the unofficial Apteraforum back in the day. Unfortunately that forum or the posts cannot be retrieved. We tried to get a hold of the people who ran it or get the list of members but that did not work out unfortunately. It is still on the way back machine if you want to take a look. Now we have an official forum where we can grow a community of Aptera enthusiasts and owners.

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Sep 11

great to see some familiar avatars here. I'm looking forward to seeing where all this leads.

Sep 11

@palmer_md Glad to see you back here as well. Maybe you can also try to get some more people over here from various other forums who would be interested again in Aptera.

Sep 17

@Matthijs I've contacted a few folks that were on the original forum and it seems many of them are not interested in following again. I disagree with them about the ability to relaunch Aptera. I like their plans for ramping the company, and I think the numbers are aggressive but realistic, and I hope to see them succeed in getting this car to market. 21 forum members is a slow start. I think they have more investors then forum members. But that is also ok; I prefer the small knowledgeable discussion group over the large groups following some other EV models.

Sep 17

@palmer_md Thank you for trying. I too believe we lost some (big) fans of the Aptera from way back then. Hopefully some will return and a lot of new ones will get to know this amazing machine and believe in what the new version can become.

Sep 23Edited: Sep 25

WELCOME BACK APTERA! May the force be with you! Your brand/concept has been on my mind. And I was glad I was able to ride in the original prototype when it came to a roadshow stopping in NJ. Now that I am living close to CA I hope to “catch the next ride” with the new refreshed and enhanced model.


Regarding the conversation above on ground clearance... this too is of key importance to me. The Angle of Approach looks fine for me but I can’t yet access the ground clearance for lowest components (wheel covers) If the wheel cover is or they are the lowest “street dress element” on the vehicle... maybe a higher abbreviated wheel cover, similar to an all terrain Segway wheel, could be an option without upsetting aerodynamic design.


After it became obvious that the old company was not going to continue, I started to design an electric car that met my needs, and took the premise that an super-low aerodynamic drag as a key design criteria. I even started to build it. And one day I hope to take it to a wind tunnel and see how I did. It is a huge relief to have this vehicle brought back to life. I did get to see the "production" Aptera at the X-Prize, and it was very sad and frustrating to see how far off track it had gotten. So, to have Steve and Chris not only restart the project, but to have found even more efficiencies - is really a great thing.

New Posts
  • This may not be as important for the US market but Europe could be a big market. I first came across this in Europe when I was there on business in the late seventies. And it is still popular there. Mercedes Benz was big with this. 👈Do you think this could have merit for the vulnerable front wheel and rear corner of the Aptera? These light locations are also reflectors, in many US vehicles and are adequate. However this is a three-wheeled vehicle with the front wheel “hanging out low to the ground” If it is added as “an option”(I.e., *switch on if warranted in poor visibility/night parking)...Perhaps the Aptera’s  solar electric production could help “bring on the glow⚠️ “ *If I recall correctly, after that MB was powered off, switching on the blinker would illuminate the steady low illuminated/low energy night light
  • Since this section is for stories... While we wait to get the next Aptera announcement, as they work through their engineering work and head to the 🤞 2020 prototype vehicle, where we can “see” what the new vehicle, with all the new technology really will be... I was wondering about other less significant things, like this one: Situation: I have a keypad entrance gates to our huge community. The five access gates, each have a buried wired loop, which detects a conventional metal ICE vehicle... and opens automatically upon EXIT. It was reported...motorcycles have had difficulties to trigger the exit loop to automatically open the gate...(We have no proximity sensor beam) In an Aptera, given the vehicle composition/ ELECTRIC vehicle, I was told it may not trigger the same type of automatic exiting system as it does for my conventional vehicles. (Our gate system is pretty primitive and decades old so I trust more current systems are better or have proximity sensors, etc...) Options: If the Aptera had an on board remote (and I trust it will), like a HomeLink, a driver could simply open the gate at exiting by pressing the programmed button on the device. My two vehicles both have three buttons to operate three devices and hope Aptera plans for at least three * buttons to remotely activate devices .... as many people have two garage doors and perhaps a gate to operate... for one household alone . Of course alternatively a separate remote handheld opener will work. I suppose APPS on a smartphone could supplement multiple needs( But... I don’t like to carry more technology than I really need or dig for remote devices). I was also told this would work with the Aptera and my old gate: The quick fix is to give it a little juice while stepping on the brake. If you go forward a few inches with some power the field will pick you up. No big deal, just a unique vehicle, so in my case... this is just a matter of programming* and manually pressing a button to exit each of our gates. 🤔I wonder if there are universe mountable (concealed) remotes, where I can copy the gate code and rather that pressing my Homelink button, even for entering,  a proximity sensor or geofence technology could open the gate? I.e. without letting the horses and 🐄 in from the adjacent open range property😉
  • I just read this and thought I would share.... The very first headlamps, introduced in the late 1880s, used either acetylene or oil as the energy source. The costs of both sources were quite high, so few motorists had the opportunity to drive when the sun was down. The first electric-powered headlights hit the market in 1898 and were featured on the Columbia Electric Car. That’s right- the first electric headlights were invented in the 19th century on an electric car! Despite its introduction, electric headlights were not immediately commonplace for a couple of reasons. First, driving an automobile at the time as not exactly a smooth ride and was tough on the filaments. Also, it was hard to produce a light that was small enough for an automobile that could provide the necessary power. The modern electrical system was introduced by Cadillac in 1912, and from there hea d lights became more universal. Still, it wasn’t until 1945 that headlights and turn signals were considered the standard in American vehicles. We’ve come a long way since 1898 and it’s almost inconceivable to think that driving at night was once impossible! Wow... we have come a long way!