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Sep 25

Under the hood


Are there any current photos of ”under the hood” with components and perhaps even labels of components?

I am sure the website gallery of pictures and/or forthcoming newsletter will eventually.


I have an old picture of “under the hood” from an 2e came the Princeton NJ in early 2000.

I will try to attach.


Surely pictures will precipitate discussions and hopefully “speak many words”



The biggest difference between "then and now" is the current design doesn't have the motor and gearbox under the hood. That means that there is more room - for the occupant's feet and legs, and the electronics and HVAC, etc. can fit easily.

Sep 27

Thanks Neil.

At this early stage....Are there any publicity shared new specs and details yet or just the bits and piece floating about? A Side by Side list would be interesting. Lots of people made a decision (supporting deposit) with the first 2e series.

The forthcoming newsletter will hopefully fill in the blanks with planned and developing details

I am trying to remember what we knew about the Aptera as they neared production - other than it being front wheel drive and had a lithium ion battery pack; we didn't know much. We knew the estimated range, we knew (roughly) the acceleration (I think). I don't think we knew the battery layout, even. The new design with all-wheel drive is an important improvement. We can see in the rendering, what the plan is for the battery layout, too. And we know the nominal pack capacities that are planned.

Sep 27

Yes.. 🤔“back in the day” After my test ride in the 2e....I started to craft a kind of Window Sticker on what I knew about the 2e but😞 no longer have it to reflect on...

New Posts
  • I own a velomobile, which is a three-wheels recumbent tricycle with a hard shell. It is a tadpole configuration with two wheels in front and one at the rear. I had it for over six years and always have a concern regarding rear tire blowout. It never happens to me but many people owning a velomobile have scary experience with rear tire blowout. It loses lateral stability once rear tire loses traction. The Aptera has a similar configuration. I wonder your design team looks into the rear tire blowout sceneraio or not.
  • I am curious if this AWD three-wheel (w/ electric motor in each wheel) vehicle with low resistant tires, which only has a curb weight of ~1800, with an impressive acceleration for 0-60 mph(!)... will wear tires quickly? (The old Aptera 2e had P165/65R14 tires (brand?) .. but not sure what is planned for the new Aptera) I am not sure we have a forum members with a light three vehicle (same tadpole configuration design), AWD (?) , low roll resistant tire experience...to share their tire wear experiences. We know...  Driving Patterns  – Certain driving maneuvers also quickly wear your tires down. Some of these maneuvers include: Spinning your tires Hard braking Gast acceleration Driving at fast speeds So if you do a lot of city driving, avoid slamming on the accelerator or the brakes as you make your way through town. If you do, you’ll be buying a new set of tires before you know it. I digress....Not a good comparison...but this memory brought  up the subject.... I remember my wife’s past Mercedes Benz sports coupe going through tires frequently. I kept up on the tires’ air pressure, alignment and rotation. That car hugged the road, with the sport suspension.  * “Little Old Lady from Pasadena”?😁. Well she put on the miles with only MB performed regular maintenance.Her daily commute was interstate diving at 65 mph and I am sure she ever exceeded that speed😇.I had summer tires and winter snow tires for the vehicle and tried different high end tires but it seemed I replaced them more frequently. This was a much different animal, compared to the Aptera. Four wheels,  a RWD vehicle . Automatic.  (3400 #)   * “Put an “Aptera” in your garage Hon-ey!”
  • Is the rear view mirror a mirror, camera display (like the chevy bolt) or both? Cant see side mirrors on any of the images. Are those cameras too? The little side displays inside seem to imply it.