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Sep 24

Regarding side view mirrors


Edited: Oct 2

The old Aptera 2e had side view mirrors because I think at least CA required side view mirrors. The present Aptera Gallery of pictures seem to have eliminated the side view mirrors (Yes!) and there may be an electronic side view screen inside the vehicle. Is that the case?

Were they able to get around the outside mirrors since the vehicle would be registered as a motorcycle and not a registered vehicle, thus qualifying for an exception or allowance given:

Under the California Vehicle Code, every California-registered vehicle except for motorcycles needs at least two rear viewmirrors. One must be located on the vehicle's left-hand side; the other can be located anywhere, as long as you have a clear view of the highway for at least 200 feet behind your car through the mirrors.


Will this hold for nationwide requirements if registered as a motorcycle?


I would love it if the new Aptera had side video mirrors. They would reduce the frontal area by almost a square foot, and also lower the Cd by have almost no interference with the flow of air. I drove with homebrew video mirrors on my Scion xA, for over 5 years. They worked very well, and they definitely improved the efficiency of the car. I had no blind spots. If we have any hopes to having autonomous cars - then it is crazy that we don't already have simple side video mirrors on production cars.

Sep 24

Neil, thanks for sharing. I never had video side view mirrors. How was the video mirrors visibility in various lighting conditions?

Also from an understanding of safety, in the follow situation how does a video side view mirror work as it has to be powered to provide a view.

You park your car and power off (and I imagine the electronic video mirror turn off)

You want to immediately to open mydoor, to exit from the side that may have vehicles passing by. Or maybe You exit several minutes after powering off the car.


Would the mirrors stay powered on/useable for a few minutes, I.e. timed like an interior vehicle light?


Would you have an option, after powering off the vehicles for several minutes.... to then momentarily power on the mirrors to check that it is safe to open the door into the traffic?

The video mirrors I put together were pretty basic - the cameras were wider view than needed, and they were not very high resolution. They worked very well in many light situations, and they were better than optical mirrors in the rain, and at dusk. You don't get blinded by headlights, or sun. Their only lack was in very dark situations, and when they happened to get direct sunlight in the lens. I had no blind spots - this is wonderful. Depth perception was something you had to learn - and if you saw something in the monitor, you then turned your head to see it. I had both 7" monitors tight together right in front of me (the instrument cluster was in the center of the ash on the xA) and so I only had to look in one place to everything behind the car. I put a small convex optical mirror in tight to the side window for when the car was off. Here's a blog post from way back when they were relatively new:






This post shows the better set of monitors and the optical mirror I mentioned:




Another advantage of video mirrors is they don't need adjusting between different drivers.


Sep 25

Neil, thanks for sharing your trials and successes! Nice work.

Has technology advanced to offer, for video camera mirrors and screens in general used in cars :

High definition

Screens that adjust for changing light conditions

Anti glare screens

Similar to these improvements available on newer LED TVs

Not that this pertains to screens for video mirrors but for other vehicle screens , which are touch screens... fingerprint resistant technology would be great. I am constantly *cleaning my vehicle touch screens and finally using voice commands to avoid touching the screen.

*Microfiber cloths Were a great fine.

Perhaps Aptera could offer voice commands from the “get go“ or down the road

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