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Sep 25

Batteries ( lithium-ion) Regarding temperature = to performance and life


Edited: Sep 25

EV batteries are impacted by extreme hot and cold temperatures, which can effect their  performance and  life.Where a warm/hot battery battery could hold a charge longer but could impact life.Whereas a cold battery would not hold a charge as long.

 I understand, during  charging there is heat gain. More with fast charging.

What is the ideal temperature for (Aperta’s) lithium-ion batteries 40-100 kWH  packs ? 1) while in a garage/charging 2) operating temperature


Could routine normal charging vs rapid charging be optimal for battery life?

I imagine charging frequency and use power(%drain) might factor in too...

🤔I understand there was a 2015 “lizard” battery, which are more heat tolerant. Any experience on that technology? If any advantage...could certain lithium-ion batteries types be considered / offered for different climatic zones? Living in the SW... impact from heat would be my immediate question, but I also do cross country travel in the winter months. I don’t own an EV vehicle so I am not sure what manufacturers out there are recommending and what people are actually realizing.

My family has 3 EVs at the moment, and we had 2 others previously. My extended family has had a total of 12 EVs since 2012. We have had 4 Leafs, 2 i MiEVs, 2 e-Golfs, 2 Bolt EVs, 1 i3 REx, and 1 Smart EQ.


Most / all of them had heating in the pack - it is a must for cold winters - we live in New England. And a few have active cooling, and the Chevy Bolt EV has liquid cooling. Cars go through extensive testing, and that includes temperature extremes.

Sep 27

Wow! Lots of “electrified experience there”.

Given that line up of various commercialized EV cars.. we know who to query especially, with New England seasonal temperatures/conditions.

Even though my family member’s Volt and i3 REx experience is also from the east coast, for selfish reasons... I may ask questions meaningful to my present SW heat. Although our 4200’ mountain elevation location offers a nice micro-climate.... I have a need to explore the many environments throughout the US.


Sep 30

Hi Neil

I am not sure if any of your family of EV cars have similar electric motors to each wheel... like the new Aptera but, do you think the the new Aptera AWD will be quieter than the 2e which had a motor under the hood/FWD ?

@Len The most common source of noise in EVs is the reduction gears, so the new Aptera won't have that.

Oct 1

Thank you. Nice to hear

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