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Oct 12

Tailgating ideas


The Aptera could lend itself to a great tailgating vehicle too. I will write separately on some ideas starting with

Outdoor Audio Speakers


Although conventional interior speakers can double for outdoor speakers. My Honda Ridgeline has rugged outdoor bed speakers. They simply have exciters behind the resin bed side panels and the resin panels serve as the cones of a speakers. The Ridgeline’s audio is simply switched to bed speakers. They designed an anti-annoyance feature to only operate if you decide to drive up to ten miles/ hr....to prevent people from blasting while driving in general.


Aptera’s unique resin may have some similar possibilities for this alternative speaker technology too.

Oct 12

Next... Imagine....

Hidden area under cargo area


I am not sure if there is a useable cavity under the Aptera’s cargo area but it might be nice for concealed supplies storage.

<- Just and example from my Ridgeline, where a (much larger) area under the bed is used for concealed and secure storage. There is actually a drain plug at the base too if the area is filled with ice for tailgating beverages and food supplies. Handy when shopping and storing food (perishables) here in the SW!

Oct 12


DCor AC inverter. Again from my Ridgeline, but handy for higher wattage ac electronic needs.

Maybe even handy for a tire inflation pump

New Posts
  • Although the planned wheel skirt is practical from a design standpoint (style and aerodynamics), many have voiced concerns because of ground clearance in snow, pot holes and on primitive roads.🤔I wonder if a dual purpose skirt could address concerns? I.e.,: Where the outside of this skirt could be removed (which would be needed anyway for tire access) leaving the above option abbreviated fender “look”. An Aerodynamic wheel cap could be inserted. The full skirt could be reattached for good road/fair weather driving and best appearance, and return efficiency.
  • Those wheel pods look like they would snap off hitting a curb, and cost thousands to fix or replace. How delicate are they? How expensive are they to replace? Is this something a typical mechanic can do? Is there really a big gain from this design or is it more of a style signature? maybe make the car a bit wider and enclose them?
  • I will almost definitely upgrade my suspension with air suspension. Would there be any clearance issues if I used a 6" diameter air spring? I work at AKTV8 in Michigan and we do a lot of software validation with the air manifolds, and like to use extreme vehicle scenarios like an 1800lb. 3 wheeled vehicle for test vehicles.