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Sep 23

PV Solar Electric Production Storage in Aptera’s batteries


Edited: Oct 4



Let us imagine… (my bucket list)

I have a PV Solar electric system with DC power inverter, which is capable to divert power to storage batteries, but have not yet invested in the merging technology.

Imagine being able to store some or excess electric power generated by a  PV Solar system into the Aptera’s huge battery pack, which could be tapped into in an emergency if electric power goes out?!

Present battery storage systems for PV Solar systems, depending storage capacity, could be well over ten thousand dollars… Having the huge Aptera battery packs “invested in and sitting in the garage” that could store this power and could be tapped “if needed” would be huge….

I.e., Another feather in the wingless flight vehicle’s (Aptera) hat!

Complementing Aptera’s attributes/offerings

Cost effective solution/option for existing and future PV Solar system owner who want to store power for emergency use. Cleaner emergency power option over a gas powered emergency generator.

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