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Sep 11

More than enough


Edited: Sep 11

We found having a larger motor than necessary allowed us to be more efficient.

Tourque vectoring would be very beneficial, from what I saw!

Sep 11Edited: Sep 11

"we" are the Apterians or another company? Motor efficiency increases at lower average loads?

Rear/front biasing adjustable "track" mode could be a hoot in snow/ice. Snow mode so vehicle is aware the middle wheel is in thicker snow in the middle of the lane may be beneficial for safety.

The original poster was on another electric car team, that was also at the Automotive X-Prize - Illuminati Motor Works. Their car 'Seven' was the highest speed through the "moose avoidance" test, partly because it has active rear wheel steering.

New Posts
  • I like my Chevy Bolt but the one complaint I have is the lack of comfort in the seats. The ride is typical Chevy firm but I can live with that. It's the seats that keep it from being a much better car. They are okay for short in town rides but after an hour or so you really start to notice. If I'm going to take longer trips of several hundred miles I would really appreciate some comfortable seats and a good sound system.
  • Although the planned wheel skirt is practical from a design standpoint (style and aerodynamics), many have voiced concerns because of ground clearance in snow, pot holes and on primitive roads.🤔I wonder if a dual purpose skirt could address concerns? I.e.,: Where the outside of this skirt could be removed (which would be needed anyway for tire access) leaving the above option abbreviated fender “look”. An Aerodynamic wheel cap could be inserted. The full skirt could be reattached for good road/fair weather driving and best appearance, and return efficiency.
  • Those wheel pods look like they would snap off hitting a curb, and cost thousands to fix or replace. How delicate are they? How expensive are they to replace? Is this something a typical mechanic can do? Is there really a big gain from this design or is it more of a style signature? maybe make the car a bit wider and enclose them?