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Sep 9

First thoughts


Edited: Sep 9

This is a great category! Here are the first things I've thought of or heard about regarding the Aptera's designs and/or features.


1. The wheel covers may need to be slightly higher from the ground. In potholes or water, this could create problems. Maybe test the first prototypes in it to see?


2. Less of a concern, but- windows rolling down would be really nice to have, for convenience's sake. If it's not possible though, that's just fine.


3. Interior- what is the status of it? Are there interior upgrades or materials to choose from, and is it spacious? Assuming the Aptera can drive very long distances, this is something that needs to be focused on. It really stood out to me when test driving the Prius c and Nissan Leaf. It can make or break. I would recommend avoiding overly stiff materials here as well.


4. More about strategy than design, but I was thinking about how test drives will be handled. Maybe there could be a test drive phase over the contiguous US, done in 3 sections- Western US, Central US, and Eastern US. There could be a traveling team that covers test drive requests across the region they are in and stay there for a week or two (or more!), and then move on. I'm not quite sure how many requests there will be, but maybe prioritize investors? I guess I'm just really curious about how this will be handled- I'm not sure if they are limiting test drives, but I hope they are able to span the US so they can get a better feel for the market in each region.


5. The Aptera's exterior is beautiful. Get @ me.

Sep 12Edited: Sep 18

I sat in Aptera 2e, I found it to be very spacious, did not feel cramped at all, I can imagine the new design would be even better with more streamlined dashboard and interior.

COLOR, COLOR, COLOR, The original was only in white. It was beautiful, although it was plain. Will there be a range of colors?

This is an awesome point! I could imagine the Aptera would look amazing in black, green, beige/gold, and indigo/blue. And maybe even red. :P

I made a small mockup of what some colors could look like! Let me know what you think :)




Sep 17

@Sapphire Dragon I'm sticking to white. I think some accent colors like you have would be nice, but the main body just looks correct in white.

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Blue seems like a premium color, and I like it!!!

Sep 18

The new multi silver color they are currently showing in the computer renderings looks pretty nice as well. A step up from plain white.


I like the design of this so much that colour is not high on my list of concerns. I am, however, very concerned about the issue of snow build up in the wheel covers. If this vehicle is eventually to make it into the northern states or southern parts of Canada then some design changes may be necessary to deal with snow, ice and freezing rain. That said, I can hardly wait to see one of these vehicles in action!

New Posts
  • Although the planned wheel skirt is practical from a design standpoint (style and aerodynamics), many have voiced concerns because of ground clearance in snow, pot holes and on primitive roads.🤔I wonder if a dual purpose skirt could address concerns? I.e.,: Where the outside of this skirt could be removed (which would be needed anyway for tire access) leaving the above option abbreviated fender “look”. An Aerodynamic wheel cap could be inserted. The full skirt could be reattached for good road/fair weather driving and best appearance, and return efficiency.
  • Those wheel pods look like they would snap off hitting a curb, and cost thousands to fix or replace. How delicate are they? How expensive are they to replace? Is this something a typical mechanic can do? Is there really a big gain from this design or is it more of a style signature? maybe make the car a bit wider and enclose them?
  • I will almost definitely upgrade my suspension with air suspension. Would there be any clearance issues if I used a 6" diameter air spring? I work at AKTV8 in Michigan and we do a lot of software validation with the air manifolds, and like to use extreme vehicle scenarios like an 1800lb. 3 wheeled vehicle for test vehicles.