Frequently Asked Questions

Find out how to reserve Aptera and what makes our company and technology so different.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aptera is in the Beta phase of our vehicle development process, which means we are still running simulations, conducting tests and updating designs in preparation for production. Information on this FAQ is subject to change as we evolve to our final production vehicle.

Can you roll down the windows?


What are the ramifications of minor body damage?

The front and rear sections are designed to be replaceable if damaged. Both are made of impact-resistant plastic, as are the wheel covers. They are also both foam filled to help in a higher speed incident. The front nose cone along with our subframe, in particular, are designed to crumple against our angled firewall and extend an impact sequence to the benefit of our passenger safety cell. 

Will a tow package be available?

Yes, we plan to make a Tow package available in the future. We envision Aptera could tow a small lightweight trailer for camping, maybe even adding some extra solar capability.

Will there be cupholders in the vehicle?

There will be at least two, probably on the center console.

Have you taken Aptera to the track?

We took our Alpha vehicle to the track and put it to the test with our engineers as we refined our designs moving into Beta. This video shows our team at the track doing preliminary analysis on acceleration, braking and obstacle testing.


What is the wheel clearance?

5” to the bottom of the wheel covers and 9” to the bottom of the belly of the Aptera.

What kind of sound system does Aptera have?

In addition to a seven-speaker audio system, you can upgrade to an extra three channels of audio for great sound depth. An added lightweight transmission-line subwoofer brings accurate and deeper bass response.

Does Aptera have air conditioning?

It does, and it is very well insulated with its sandwich core composite construction. The solar also allows the interior to stay at ambient temps on hot days so you don’t have to cool the car down before driving in the summer.

Is Aptera Front-Wheel or All-Wheel Drive?

Aptera offers both front and all-wheel drive packages.

Will Aptera offer regenerative braking?

Yes! Aptera will offer regenerative braking, which uses an electric vehicle’s motor as a generator to convert much of the kinetic energy lost when decelerating back into stored energy in the vehicle’s battery. Then, the next time the car accelerates, it uses much of the energy previously stored instead of tapping in further to its own energy reserves. Aptera will offer adjustable levels in 3 or 4 settings, from off to very heavy regen braking.

How will Aptera handle repairs?

How will Aptera handle repairs? Here at Aptera, we’ve revolutionized every aspect of transportation, even repairs and customer service. Learn about our philosophy in our video.

How does Aptera handle in the snow and cold weather?

With all-wheel-drive and vectorized torque control, Aptera handles beautifully in the snow and ice. We are designing specifically for a lot of the cold countries that love electric vehicles. The Aptera will have a full climate control system capable down to -20 and up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit. With our sandwich core composites body offering great insulation and a nice heater, it’s very comfortable to drive in the winter.

How fast is Aptera?

All of our vehicles will be 100 MPH+ capable. 0-60 MPH in our All-Wheel Drive version clocks in as fast as 3.5 seconds and Front-Wheel Drive as fast as 5.5 seconds. Both versions will be RPM limited to just over 110 MPH.

How quickly does Aptera charge?

From the sun, you get up to about 40 miles per day. From a 110 V cord (like what you’d charge your cell phone on) you get 13 miles an hour or about 150 miles of charge overnight. At roadside charging stations you’d likely get about 100 miles in 10 minutes.