Frequently Asked Questions

Find out how to reserve Aptera and what makes our company and technology so different.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aptera is in the Beta phase of our vehicle development process, which means we are still running simulations, conducting tests and updating designs in preparation for production. Information on this FAQ is subject to change as we evolve to our final production vehicle.

What are the base prices for each range option?

1,000 miles – $44,900

600 miles – $34,600

400 miles – $29,800

250 miles – $25,900

How can I contact customer service?

To contact customer service about the status of your reservation, email or visit the Contact page on our website.

Do I need a motorcycle license to operate Aptera?

Aptera is technically not classified as a car, it’s a motorcycle or auto-cycle. The vast majority of states only require that you have a regular driver’s license to drive a three-wheel vehicle like the Aptera. States that we’re aware currently require a motorcycle license are AK, WY, NY, MA, and ME (check your local laws for clarity). We will work hard to show these outlier states that the safety and ease of use of the Aptera should allow its operation without a motorcycle license. 

Will there be cupholders in the vehicle?

There will be at least two, probably on the center console.

Does Aptera qualify for a Federal Tax Credit?

There were considerable federal tax credits in place at the federal level for 3 wheeled EVs but they ended in 2017. We are working hard to get them reinstated and to expand some programs to vehicles that get 100+ and 200+ MPGe, which we would more than qualify for. But for now, you should check your state EV incentives and see if they stretch to 3-wheelers and watch out for new federal programs that come to reality. 

How much does an Aptera vehicle cost?

Aptera pricing is between $25,900 to $46,000+ depending on range and options. Our goal is to make Aptera accessible for everyone who wants to drive an efficient EV.

Is Aptera safe?

We will not know Aptera’s actual rating until we pass a production vehicle through the full safety test. But we are designing to exceed all passenger car standards and the previous version had the highest roof crush strength of all passenger cars on the road, and it performed exceedingly well in actual side and frontal crash tests. Aptera features a Formula One-inspired safety cell with advanced composites and metal structures for impact strength. Similar to aerospace and racing, these energy-absorbing methods are a core part of our safety strategy and have proven effective time and time again in high speed impacts.

How big is Aptera?

Aptera is 172″ long, 88” wide and 57” high. Aptera has 25 cubic feet of luggage capacity. Here’s a video about Aptera’s dimensions.

What is Aptera made of?

Carbon, kevlar, and hemp. Sandwich core composites provide great strength.

Why three wheels?

Our main goal is efficiency. Efficient transportation is crucial to managing our natural resources. Aptera makes better use of materials in construction, therefore saving precious resources and lessening our overall impact on the planet and each other.

Is Aptera a car?

No, Aptera is not a car. We call it a Solar Electric Vehicle, because it’s powered by the sun and also charged with batteries when plugged in. Technically speaking, Aptera can be classified as a motorcycle or auto-cycle. A helmet is not required because Aptera is enclosed, and the vast majority of states only require that you have a regular driver’s license to operate Aptera.

Will Aptera be available in Europe?

Our goal is to sell Aptera worldwide everywhere possible. Our first three-wheel vehicle may not meet every global market’s requirement, but we have an EU homologation and certification expert working with us and we may investigate minor model changes to meet earliest production deliveries. Please follow our social media handles @aptera_motors for updates.

What is Aptera?

Aptera’s mission is to create the most efficient transportation on the planet. We achieve this by leveraging breakthroughs in battery efficiency, aerodynamics, material science and manufacturing. Aptera is the first in a line of Solar Electric Vehicles (sEVs) being produced by Aptera Motors that are powered by the sun and won’t need charging for most daily use. We’re an efficiency-obsessed brand offering an array of safe, comfortable, and fun to drive vehicles.