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Why three wheels?

Our main goal is efficiency. Efficient transportation is crucial to managing our natural resources. Aptera makes better use of materials in construction, therefore saving precious resources and lessening our overall impact on the planet and each other.

Can I really drive Aptera anywhere?

Yes, really. Anywhere you would drive your standard sized vehicle could be considered as a great place to take your Aptera. With all-wheel drive and vectorized torque control, Aptera handles beautifully in all conditions. Adventure awaits!

What is Aptera made of?

Carbon, kevlar, and hemp. Sandwich core composites provide great strength.

What do you mean by Never Charge?

The average American drives 29 miles per day. Even though the longest range Aptera can drive for about 1,000 miles between charge, the reality is that most of our driving is 30 miles or less. For Aptera, 30 miles consumes about 3 kWh of electricity. Now, let’s say your commute is 15 miles each way, let’s assume it’s dark when you’re driving to and from work. While parked at the office on a sunny day, your Aptera could put back in about 4.4 kWh which is far more than what you’ll use that day. You’ll arrive home with more charge than when you left with. That’s how it works, it’s as simple as that.

Is Aptera a car?

No! Aptera is not a car, but the world’s first Never Charge Vehicle. Technically speaking, Aptera can be classified as a motorcycle or auto-cycle.


When will you start accepting pre-orders?

In just a few short weeks. Let the excitement begin! Invest at to secure your slot.

Will Aptera be available exclusively in the United States?

Aptera meets the requirements for selling in all 50 states as well as the EU. We plan to offer our vehicles worldwide as soon as and wherever possible given local regulators.

How much does an Aptera vehicle cost?

Official pricing options will be announced soon. We expect our vehicles to be priced between $34k to $59k depending on range and options.

Can you tell us more about leasing options? How about insurance?

We are excited to release more details on this closer to launch. The patience of our fans is greatly appreciated as we work on confirming this information in order to be as accurate as possible.

I was on the waitlist the first time around. Is my place in line still valid?

Yes, we are more than happy to honor your place on the list. All we ask is that you leave us a reminder on your new deposit.


I live in a colder climate area where it snows in the winter. Is it even worth it for me to invest in a solar-powered vehicle?

We think so! With all-wheel-drive and vectorized torque control, Aptera handles beautifully in the snow and ice. Our vehicles are designed to be compatible with winter tires and will be equipped with a full climate control system capable of reaching as low as -20 and as high as 125 degrees Fahrenheit. With our sandwich core composites body offering great insulation and a nice heater, it’s very comfortable to drive in the colder months.

Would I still be able to plug in my Aptera?

Sure thing! Aptera vehicles can easily plug in to any standard 110v outlet or roadside charging station.


Is Aptera safe?

We take the safety of our customers very seriously. Aptera features a Formula One-inspired safety cell with advanced composites and metal structures for impact strength. Similar to aerospace and racing, these energy-absorbing methods are a core part of our safety strategy and have proven effective time and time again in high speed impacts. Aptera also makes use of today’s best forward and side airbag systems in case of an accident.

Great, but can you prove it?

We have tested previous builds to all modern passenger vehicle safety standards and they excelled in all areas and had the highest roof crush strength of ANY passenger car on the road. We also intend to go through all of the FMVSS and DOT tests before we begin sales.


Didn’t Aptera close down a few years back?

We are proud to be back and better than ever! The original founders have the company again and we've relaunched an impressively capable new design for Aptera. The timing is better, the vehicle is better, and the world needs us now more than before.

How can I get involved?

Sign up for our newsletter below or find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Reddit. Above all, continue spreading the word to your community!

Where can I invest?

Here: Your support is truly appreciated!

Are you hiring?

We’re always looking for talented people who want to join us on our mission to reinvent the future of transportation and create a healthier planet. Please send your resume and cover letter to us at

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