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  • Paul Schultz

    October 12, 2021 at 6:38 pm

    You misread. This isn’t a suggestion that Aptera invests time and/or resources regarding comma/OP. It is simply two areas of inquiry: 1) What CAN architecture will they use? and 2) Will they place a security gateway on the OBD2 port?

    GM and Toyota have comma/OP ports but some most recent model years now have further security gateways on the OBD2 port. Typically, connecting to the CAN bus at the front-facing camera helps bypass these new restrictions found at the OBD2 port.

    The comma/OP community ports to the new vehicles and then based on a vigorous set of safety criteria/testing, can move a vehicle to their official supported status. Sometimes if the demand is present buys a representative vehicle from a manufacturer and does the official ports themselves. I doubt there will be enough Aptera’s for to take this route.

    Many vehicles with OEM level 2 are already ported as comma/OP is far superior to almost all OEM implementations. Only Tesla’s FSD is in the same league. Each has its own strengths/weaknesses. In fact, comma/OP happens to be ported to Tesla as well. The comma hardware is a standalone device that plugs into the CAN bus to access/control steering/acceleration/braking. There would be absolutely no development resource utilization required of Aptera.

    Finally, in a Consumer Report review of the main level 2 options published about November 2020, comma/OP was the #1 rated system. And, it was the only add-on system among those evaluated beating Tesla, GM Supercruise, and several others. Aptera may surprise us but I doubt they will ship with a better level 2 system than comma/OP.

    So, this is a valid topic for those of us wishing to consider the best level 2 options for our future Aptera.