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Aptera Community Aptera Discussions Aptera and the Solarpunk movement. Reply To: Aptera and the Solarpunk movement.

  • John Malcom

    October 11, 2021 at 9:01 am

    Ray, your post are articulate, very polished, always include some reinforcement for the poster you are responding to or make a statement that “Connects” you to that poster, avoid any confrontation, and then tactfully put forth your proposition or your inquiry. I suspect you, even if retired, are a consummate marketing person.😉

    As far as I can tell, Aptera does not fit the mold in any traditional sense to include marketing. Their CMO, Sarah Hardwick, has a little different take on marketing. Here is a video by Sarah that highlights her approach. She is using this values based approach for Aptera. You can see that approach in the collateral content they have on the site. This video is from a time she was working as a consultant. Later she ran her own successful company that fell on hard times when the pandemic hit. She was the marketing person for Aptera 1.0.

    I am sure there is a marketing plan being executed but we will not have the “Opportunity” to see or review it. If you research Sarah and her company you will find that there is the data analysis component that seems to drive marketing today.

    Aptera is an engineering company. Driven by engineering as opposed to marketing and sales or finance the traditional drivers of business you and I may be accustom to. I think, because Aptera 1.0 failed in part because of the interference of these types of people in the business. I believe the CO-CEOs have a lessons learned from that and will not allow the “Venture capital” syndrome to interfere with a path to success this time. I 100% support that mind set. With my business hat on Aptera has been incredibly successful on a shoe string budget and minimal staff.

    My profile is very similar to yours part of which you pointed out in the post on the Genetic predecessors of the Aptera as you “Connected with me. I do not accept however that we are “Brothers from different mothers” 😉 I am 77, semi retired (Still accept consulting engagements for interesting projects) probably upper middle class, married (Empty nest), early adapter. My background is 50/50 engineering and business development. (Three successful IPOs as a partner) politics, moderate independent. I live in Florida. I currently drive a Tesla Model 3. I am a practicing Six Sigma MBB and most of my recent engagements have been for this skill set to improve R&D and production processes and to conduct competitive analysis using a proprietary model I developed when still working full time.

    I think generally, you will know better than I, the “Growth” market for EVs is expected to be affluent young couples/families. I find currently, as I attend EV Events, a preponderance of older affluent couples (Maybe the only ones that can afford expensive EVs at the current price point??) very few if any families or young people. Most have already purchased an EV. I try to select a pseudo random sample of people at these events and have a set of marketing oriented questions I ask and do some statistical analysis on the growing data base of their responses. I do this for my own enlightenment and because I am a serial data addict. Still too soon to draw any statistical conclusions. One thing I do find, is nearly a complete lack of knowledge of Aptera.