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  • my_discord_number_is_0328 bloody stupid

    October 10, 2021 at 7:48 pm

    i dont want to have to trust automaker with self driving software that can be controlled online live, i suspect people will pay to kill targets like that but maybe they wont if media spreads news over every accident given that would presumably break trust and give way to a competitor, but that takes time. one way to spread news of a incident is to dashcam record, if software fails to record than it will be a matter of suspicion to spread news about.

    this can be solved by giving software update by USB and returning the USB by mail with GPS tracking in case of theft/damage. presumably the customer order is done so the model identity isnt known by manufacturer selling the update. so they’ll have to cost a lot of lives to target one, that is if they think their targets even buy updates. and yes, they’ll even software disable features until you pay for it.

    apple airdrop for any device would be cool for quick exchanging documents and contacts to physically nearby people, like making references when talking to someone on public transport, at work etc, but it could also help in pinging people physical on the same road who witnessed a incident. to prevent spam trolling (unwanted ping) the app would auto delete things after some time, but if people witness something they could check to see if others managed to record it. with social media, this can be helpful if the recorded file is like PDF in that its a recognizable file, similar to how youtube livestream video is not editable unlike a normal video, so its a way of knowing a video isnt photoshop etc like that video of a model 3 exploding on its own. in comes the apple google glasses.

    youll also notice how things are being rented rather than owned, from homes and so far lesser extent, cars. far less people/organizations own anything, so the fewer competitors means its easier to jack up rental prices, and of course they can take away what your renting if their paid to do it by some political opposition. even if your ok with being more of a debt slave and hope somone else will fix things, those “somone elses” will have a far harder time with trends like this.