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  • Joshua Rosen

    October 10, 2021 at 9:29 am

    It’s way to early to incorporate a Level 4 or 5 system from anyone because no such system exists yet. I have FSD on my Model 3 and it’s not close to working yet and it might never work although it has gotten better over time. Waymo kinda works in Phoenix and only Phoenix, that’s the least challenging place you can imagine because it hardly ever rains and never snows, but even there Waymo needs remote drivers to take over when the cars get stuck. Waymo’s approach doesn’t scale because it’s reliant on hyper-accurate maps and extremely expensive sensors. Tesla has painted themselves into a corner because they started to sell FSD prematurely, about 10 years prematurely. They locked themselves into a sensor suite that they could offer in 2016 which at the time was eight camera’s and a radar sensor. They’ve recently doubled down on their sensor choice by going camera only and deleting the radar. The argument that people can drive and they have only two eyes makes about as much sense as saying birds can fly and they don’t have jet engines so planes don’t need jet engines.

    I do think someone will crack the code and develop a true self driving system but it’s years away. For now it’s best to stick to things that do work like advanced driver assist. For now I think lane keep, lane departure assist, proximity warnings and dumb summon are features that I won’t give up, as other features get proven then they should be added.

    As a side note, I’d like to see front view camera’s as well as side view and rear view. Front view camera’s would make the job of parking easier because it will allow you to see the lines in front of you. Someday I’d like a self parking system that works, Tesla’s doesn’t, but if they just give me better visibility that would be a step forward.

    One more comment. Level 2 self driving systems serve no purpose, it’s harder to closely monitor a car than to just drive it. If your hand’s are on the wheel then why not steer the car yourself, as for system’s like Cadillac which allow you to take your hand’s off the wheel and just track your eyes to see if you are paying attention, those are more dangerous because you only have a fraction of a second to take over and having to grab the wheel when your hands are elsewhere increases the delay.