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  • Bob Minor

    October 6, 2021 at 4:42 pm

    For me, I see every additional inch in height equals another day the Aptera may be useful in severe winter conditions. 5 inches is great for snowless climates. Another 4″ is totally worth the extra cash in my opinion. It seems an average “snowy” day will give you a snow rut of 2 to 4 inches. Main roads are always cleared first. Secondary roads during a major snow event may not be cleared for up to 10 days. This is key. A residential street may have ruts over 5 inches for over a week, but the main road is bone dry. Heck, we had ruts up to 9″ for a week last winter. It just is what it is. Even a freak downpour can put 5″ of water on I290 for over an hour. I plan on driving the heck out of my Aptera. Im pretty confident it will do fine and with a little extra height, even better. I have backup plans as well.

    As for crud in the skirt? I doubt the heat in the wheel motor will have much impact on the slushy mess we get, but who knows. Lets imagine a January day in chitown after an 8′ snow fall. Its zero degrees F outside and the windchill is – 8. The city has poured a bunch of thawing agents aka salt turning most of the slush to hard ice ruts. This is where the extra height comes in. Now lets say its 10 degrees F and the windchill is 0F. Now we have 2″ of liquid slush. On the secondary streets you drive slow and begin to pack slush in the wheel skirt. Then you pull into an unplowed lot and pack fresh show pack into the wheel skirt. You park and head into work. Perhaps that fresh snow pack begins to melt some with the motor heat but that -8 windchill is quickly cooling the Aptera down. So now, whatever heat you had melted some snow into a liquid that is now rapidly freezing again. This happens quite often on my car. Doors get frozen shut due to vehicle warmed snow thawing and refreezing when you stop.

    My plan? See how it goes. Maybe worst case get something brush out the wheel pants as best I can before heading in. From photos, it looks like there will be some access on the inside of the skirt/pant. Like I said, It is what it is and I don’t plan on letting some cruddy weather stopping me from using the Aptera. If more people do, maybe the weather will go back to being less radicle.