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  • my_discord_number_is_0328 bloody stupid

    October 5, 2021 at 7:56 pm

    if you press ” command ” and F or “cntrl” and F you can search for “bloody”, which is part of my name, in this discussion thread. youll see my ideas. when you scroll down to bottom of page, theres this thing for page 1, page 2 etc. theres also this front lisence plate solution: and the OLED/ Eink surface concept (phone app controlled graphics on/in car). for interioir: no dashboard just chassis bar that also holds accessories like phone app replacing built in screen with voice control microphone (my first post). basic inetioir allows optional texture graphic cards to be screwed in, but by default it glorifies tech ex. AC heat venting is not covered by dashboard etc, b/c sense of purposefulness is timeless vs some non-memoriable chunk of plastic.screw in texture graphic cards allows market for buying new texture commissions or screwing/string tying in artwork to teh modular piece with holes in it etc this is money maker for personalization market, people even burn ink into their skins for it (tatoo market), spend hours social media appearances and ego comparisons with others, fancy clothes, bag, jewelery makeup(that face painting stuff females are into) industry, home decoration (including furniture, gardening etc) industry, etc. social media increases demand by finding new ideas and flexing for ego worship reasons, etc, celebrity and cross brand name advertising

    art applications: landscapes https://www.motor1.<wbr>com/news/451400/bespoke-rolls-<wbr>royce-wraith-uae/ like video game maps like battle royale Halo ring map (all of earths different biomes and their iconic parts in a ring that wraps the interior like a ring from dashboard to door parts to a band surrounding rear passengers, especially effective in the rear row facing cars rear concept from above, combine with 3D illusion via transparent screen planels making a box like structure, and it can also act as computer displays that people connect their device with to use as extra and maybe bigger display for multitasking(video game and discord, etc), programmer etc, and similar thing can be added to almost panoramic roof window for variable displaying and maybe even tinting with e ink chemistry (similar to already existing mclaren electrochromatic roof window) , smaller maps like that of somones favorite neighborhood, minecraft map (vibes of RTX graphics on VR minecraft ), star wars planet landscape, preserved butterfly, insects, deer cow skull, bird skeleton etc. somone jewelry can be held in display, ie wrist watch instead of built in analogue clock like in some lexus etc. a CEO, inventor, scientist might have a iconic model of a product/ concept of his etc, family bloodline icons (toyota name, koenigsegg shield, koenigsegg ghost (was in honor of the military facility they built in), i think gordon murray t.50 logo was like this dont rerember,), sports teams icons, political icons etc. there is a solar plant based plastic that redirects some of its light to edges of the panel, where small solar panels harness energy, while panels act like a window tint layer.

    The displays and textures should be on modular pieces than can be screwed/clipped on and off the chassis,

    interioir color scheme: eveything is not bright color and not bright notably very fast or too slow moving graphic on screen and dash, to make it no distracting from driving environment. similar functions are colored in same color ex. AC heat vent in a different color (preferably brighter more noticeable color than background color but still not overly bright), than rest of interioir, optional hard switch dials have their big graphic and colors like orange for heat and light blue for AC etc.

    you could also visulaize other concepts that will probably have to wait after production of cars,maybe in next gen car, such as the two levers replacing steering wheel, manual window raise/lower with up down slider, ( my second post). there was also the idea of using fan driven by wheel or seperate motor to manipulate airflow to replicate teh long tail and round shape that makes aptera so wide and long, thus making aptera smaller (similar to gordon murray t.50 fan, he explains it in gordon murray youtube). theres also the tandem seater with passenger facing rear of car for areo, center weight distrubution, less cabin airspace so AC heater more is less energy, utilization of unused trunk space as semi extra leg space, narrower car also means more movement space (for sportiness) per inch of road width, (similar to Czinger 21c). consider also apply this to 4 door aptera and the comcercial modular truck/van tower aptera, semi truck (see skateboard autotonoumous semitruck concept, ex. hyundai, daimler etc), a RV living trailer. healight at top of windshield so one an drive home at dark after frontal crash b/c drivetrain isnt at front so much, plus less sturctural spacing for headlight integration in cuurent location means more efficient crash strong chassis, plus for same reason offroaders have roof lights, plus it gives unique look. lights turn with steering wheel like 2021 toyota corrolla hatch (light shows upcoming path your about to turn into so you can see whats coming around ie deer before you speed in that direction, useful for maintaining car energy momentum for hypermiling and time attack racing in dark environments ie not in the noisy lighted smelly city, which is where special driving times will be besides highway trips etc. some roads are long and not lighted not sure how common it is but ive seen in texas a lot). light it should be visible from inside with wires flowing to them etc with:

    semitransparent cover over technical parts to allow seeing it, semi transparence also allows light to show teh shape of teh cover in its color, with technique similar to how privacy computer screen filter plastic by the company called 3M does it. this can be replace normal cars areo shell too, and theres potential of transparent graphene which recently became applied to large construction materials. it can be applied to wheel covers of cuurent aptera assuming the cover doesnt have to be stiff like cabin material which it prolly doesnt have to, and with that comes wheels which are curved and odd number of apprent spokes (spokes made apprent with color such as silver while rest of spokes are dark colored to be unnoticed unless observer tries to pay attention to it) to give wheel a appearance of being weighted to foward or rear ward, giving a sense of motion even when sitting still compared to even number of apparent spokes as even spokes minimizes weighted appearance with more equal number of apparent spokes on both sides of a wheel from edge to edge of wheel circle. curving the appearance also adds to sense of motion. wheel movement across different speeds is appreciated more when there are minimal number of apparent spokes (at least one). i guess 3 actual spokes is enough, it was at least for koeniggsegg regera but that was hollow structure carbon fiber wheel. 3D illusion principle, etc