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Aptera Community Aptera Discussions How will the deliveries be done. Reply To: How will the deliveries be done.

  • John Malcom

    September 17, 2021 at 11:37 am

    The information in Len’s post is a start. Of course that represented thinking sometime ago. I am sure that that thinking and planning has advanced from that point. I believe the current management team have the skills and experienced to develop a number of alternatives, set criteria for evaluating, and select and implement the best for its customers.

    At one point in my previous life, I managed the development of GM’s current world wide Warranty System and connections to engineering, sales and dealer operations. Of course it is a complex system because of all of the models and model years they need to support, national and local laws requiring compliance. Their cars are very complex, mostly ICE, and require a lot of warranty and repair support. They are by no means “Right to Repair” and have built their infrastructure accordingly. Also their cars are not engineered to support simple and easy repair. Somewhat on purpose as service is a large revenue generator for legacy car companies.

    Aptera has two advantages that mitigate the need for a legacy type service infrastructure”

    – Engineered for easy production and high reliability

    – Simple design that facilitates “Right to repair” by an owner

    I do not believe that “Right to repair” as currently described will be adequate for a majority of users. It is a fully electric car with high voltage safety concerns, complex electronics and computing components. To properly diagnose a defect may require sophisticated diagnostic equipment. Certainly not all owners will be able to obtain or use such equipment. Repair will consist of system level parts (New computer, controller, etc.) which will be expensive.

    I am technically inclined, but don’t feel qualified, even if I had the service level manuals, to diagnose and repair some of the things that could go wrong.

    All of that said, I trust the engineers and managers at Aptera including the new VP of production to devise the right creative approach, plan and schedule it implementation.

    Certainly there will be issues until everything is running smoothly but certainly not anything close to what a new ICE vehicle would require.

    Management and Engineering at Aptera know infinitely more than most of us, so lest refrain from say the sky is falling and have some trust and patience. It is all worth it to own and drive this remarkable vehicle and to be able to tell others we were in on the ground floor for this game changing vehicle