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  • my_discord_number_is_0328 bloody stupid

    September 11, 2021 at 6:44 pm

    weathertech solar window covers help keep out solar heat when car parked for long time, so dont have to roll down windows in rain or turn up AC as much which decreases driving range, as well as hide stuff in car that would otherwise be enough encouragement for people to break into car. i think its worth it if cars automatically pulled up solar shades similar to how new cars automatically lock when user is away from them given how much battery life and fuel cost one can save with using AC less. weathertech claims theirs also helps with heat insulation in cold, if such thing were built into car these effects could be improved on vs aftermarket stuff. solar protection also keeps interior in better quality especially leather stuff. its weird that luxry cars dont have this feature at least in what i’ve seen, and yet they have shit like electronic “soft close doors” and massive touch screen only controls.

    tint can do what solar window cover does to a much lesser extent but you dont have to set it up after parking. such maybe “good enough” but im sure solar window covers are still worth it, especially as higher tint levels are illegal in at least America and laws differ state to state

    although this could be solar panels i dont know how much such would pay off in money or the environmental lifecycle issue.

    electronically deployed stuff like electric seat adjusters are to be avoided b/c it s usually more expensive, its often slower to use (like seat adjusters, automatic trunk closers/openers), some functions need to work in case of electronics being fried like door locks and openers in case of a car crash, historically electrics are not as reliable which hurts insurance estimates, and even this small thing requires redundancy to add to the already increased monetary cost.

    <font face=”inherit”> solar cover design that </font>doesn’t<font face=”inherit”> need user to setup covers at every window: a cover thats stored in a roll and moves on rails (rails are built into car if window suction cups cant resist being melted in sun) and the chain that slides on rails can be pulled/pushed by hand. one end of the cover is held in place, the other is moved to cover or to uncover and compact into a roll that sits behind a window pillar.</font>

    I have had a plastic suction cup (that many of these products use) melt in the sun, so check the product reviews. my suction cup was for a phone holder. i think dark colored suction cup may have advantage over clear colored ones, similar to how dark skinned people last longer in the sun before sunburn.