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Aptera Community Aptera Discussions Instant plugin (Amazon Alexa) smart module for ONLY 20 bucks Reply To: Instant plugin (Amazon Alexa) smart module for ONLY 20 bucks

Aptera Community Aptera Discussions Instant plugin (Amazon Alexa) smart module for ONLY 20 bucks Reply To: Instant plugin (Amazon Alexa) smart module for ONLY 20 bucks

  • my_discord_number_is_0328 bloody stupid

    September 9, 2021 at 3:02 pm

    can speaker system be controlled over bluetooth with voice command app? if so we may not need apple android car app so much, maybe a usb /bluetooth aftermarket microphone can be used if users phone microphone doesnt work in high wind noise or speaker audio playing. maybe audio can be quieted automatically when using code word to activate mic so it listens to user and does things when user wants, not when user accidently says code words when talking about something else. such code words are set by user, a aptera app would allow the interface stuff connect users phone or whatever to car computer. aftermarket microphone to make voice command practial for users with bad quality microphone in their phone, which can be promoted by aptera as a option. aptera also get payed for advertising such 3rd party products that enhance the car and in some cases like this one, the device can be used outside the car which would be a reminder of the car and 3rd party with branding.

    aptera app could also be as described in old forum in that big thread about interior interface, for more complex tasks like setting up preset like playlist, maybe seat position etc. users phone ID is a way to automatically set preset of different people assuming they own their own phones. the app design compensates for users phone/device presumably not being a big screen by grouping functions into pages. one page would be stuff commonly toggled while driving like audio volume, AC heater temp, ventilation on/off, in one full screen page display, then grouping complex tasks like audio track presets and radio channel in another page or 2. each group is accessed by user sliding downward like apple phones do when it comes to seeing notifications. the screen fixates on each group with a finger swipe but also resists scrolling down screen with swipes that dont cover much screen distance, so that user doesnt have to be careful with how much he scrolls between groups, he just swipes a couple inches on any part of the screen with no toggle graphics. toggle graphics should be large as possible so one doesnt have to be careful with placing finger on right places especially as car shakes going over road bumps.

    voice command may not work in noisy environment (speaker audio, occupants like dog being loud, wind noise etc) there are ways of destroying sound with speakers (which maybe less range consuming than weight of normal anti sound stuff) and there is voice recognition software (which might not work well enough in discriminating between voices). instead of user setting up voice recognition command to make it start listening for commands, there could be a toggle graphic on screen. if users suspect microphone data can be used to spy on them or whatever, they could do what they normally do with their device and not use it.

    if those things become problem enough to make enough demand for alternative to touch screen, the same thread in old forum had idea of optional physical knobs with user programmable functions, by replicating users touch screen movements at the pixel level by movement of a small conductive strip across screen, and the movement is actuated by knob. that way knob doesn’t need electronics in it, and no wiring knobs switch into aptera computer. strip should be small to minimize how much screen surface area is being taken up. strip is clipped onto users device and the knob is held by a accessory holder with clamps onto a structural support bar that replaces the dashboard chunk of plastic. the clamp holds onto bar with screws, which can have knobs bolted in so screw driver is not needed to change setup, although its probably not worth adding knob assuming changes dont happen often. this bar should be not round, too make the clamp grip the accessory in place without being moved around with a accidental push. this can be used for other accessories such as cup holder (which can be a portable humidifier holder for those who need it), maybe speaker if one doesnt want built in speakers. it also gives a minimalistic and racecar look, being able to see the airbag devices etc.

    only reason for built in speaker would be for theatre like high quality sound representation and heavy base, which is heavy expensive system requiring addition of structural shapes for taming soundwaves in cabin. such should only be a option because users phone speakers, earbud, portable speaker is enough for most people which can be held in place with accessory holder.