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Aptera Community Aptera Discussions Wheel, Yoke, or Stick? Reply To: Wheel, Yoke, or Stick?

  • John Schwartz

    September 6, 2021 at 11:55 am

    It must be a steering wheel and it must be round, for me. Must work with gloves, ie: no silly capacitive buttons on wheel. Lots of people live in cold climates and wear gloves while driving. Capacitive buttons and touch screens are useless in this environment. Yes, there are driving gloves with capacitive friendly finger pads. I have them. They barely work, but mostly not. I have a vehicle with a heated steering wheel. It’s nice, but does not mitigate the need to wear gloves.

    Since Tesla came out with the yoke option, I started to keep track of where I actually hold the steering wheel while driving. 60% of the time I hold it at about 7:00, and 40% of the time I hold it at 1:30 during normal driving. I usually drive with one hand on the wheel because I find it to be far more stable in straight sections and easier to manage most winding roads. In tight turns, the wheel of course goes ‘round, and you may need to grip it anywhere. In all of these cases a yoke or squared off wheel is useless as a driving control as it is not physically present where it needs to be. The people who I see driving holding the wheel at 9-3 scare me because they are generally all over their lane as they can’t hold the vehicle stable in that configuration. 10-2 is slightly better, but it’s very tiring for any substantial duration of driving. Most, not all by any means, but most seasoned drivers I see on the road, do not use 9-3 or 10-2 positions, likely for these reasons.

    I fail to see why anyone would want any kind of a stick to control a vehicle that can move in only two dimensions. Yes, they are available for people who cannot use their legs to operate pedals, but they are slow and cumbersome compared to traditional controls. They are more optimal for an aircraft which must be controlled in three dimensions. The same can be said of yokes. They work in aircraft because they have auto pilot, so you don’t need to hold it straight for long periods, or how accurately you hold it straight is not particularly important, and the amount of left/right deflection you need is minimal.