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  • John Malcom

    September 1, 2021 at 5:08 pm

    I do not consider myself an expert at marketing although I have held business development positions with marketing as a subset

    I am an engineer and change management/process improvement person. I consider myself closest to an expert in R&D of vehicles and spacecraft and transitioning them to production. That is why large manufacturing companies hire me as a consultant both in the auto and aerospace industries.

    I am a Baby Boomer so have been around a long time. Most of the important lessons I have learned in the R&D/Production space I learned form having difficult and unexpected experiences in the transition from R&D to production.

    I believe SO STRONGLY in the value of Aptera at this particular time. It is almost like a perfect storm (In a good sense) cam along at the right time (Serendipity?) They have great management completely focused on their goal, committed engineers, and cutting edge marketing concepts. I admire this team SO MUCH and the product they are producing.

    Many good to great ideas are generated by members of this forum. However the time is past for those ideas to be incorporated into this iteration of the Aptera. Great team, great product and I am convinced that they have great plans. We have 120 days before the scheduled first customer delivery. When you have both a great product and a great team you leave them alone and have confidence in them. We should be cheer leaders at this point so close to the finish line. We need to let our “Idea egos” go for a while and circle back for the next iteration.

    So many times I have seen good things fail because the team lost focus trying to please everybody. This team will listen attentively and politely to us. Lets not distract them at this point.

    I understand you are a marketing person, I believe for a hotel in Winnipeg? If I have said anything in this forum to offend you I apologize sincerely