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  • John Malcom

    September 1, 2021 at 9:12 am

    Ha, I don’t think you get the drift here.

    Mr. Rosen and myself for that matter, are in the target group for sales of an Aptera and we think this is so far out in left field that it would not entice us or many other in the target group to buy an Aptera. The stealth idea is not consistent with the overall theme of Aptera as the most efficient, environmentally friendly, transportation in the world and in fact, detracts from that theme.

    Why would a company spend their scarce marketing funds to do testing and develop collateral that would not directly support the primary theme? As I am sure you have noted during your time on the forum, most of the enthusiasts here are pretty EV tech savvy and driven by the imperative of environmental consciousness and responsibility.

    If you read Sarah’s (Aptera’s CMO) background, you will find that she started and built a company who’s concept is that you can market and sell best by appealing to peoples “Values” To understand this approach go to this URL and listen to her pitch on this approach from a previous life. (Before working for Aptera)

    I like you, am from the old marketing regimen. Sarah has converted me. We need to change to help our companies be successful. I see this approach especially necessary when trying to attract Millennials. (Projected to be the driver of future EV market growth) as they are values based and least impressed with meaningless tag lines.

    I currently work as a process and engineering consultant for a large, legacy, auto maker trying to break into the EV market and not being successful. They use “Legacy” approaches to marketing and sales. If I were in their marketing group I would advise them to fire their marketing planners and try to steal Sarah away from Aptera (I am sure not possible). She, and her approach, is the secret sauce that will make Aptera’s great engineering successful in the market place and will beat the pants off of the company I currently work for in the market segment where they overlap.

    Take a cue from her and rethink you views on marketing