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  • Dan Stevens

    August 31, 2021 at 10:06 am

    Lets take a practical look at this. While I’m on the side of ‘faster is better’, at some point, this isn’t always true in reality.

    Lets compare driving a Tesla Model Y (320’ish miles range) to a 600 mile Aptera to get me from home to Disneyland, a 364 mile drive. This is reality for me, I do this once a year or more. Using ABetterRoutePlanner for reference, the software puts me stopping twice in my Tesla for a total of 25 minutes, arriving with a 10% SOC.

    In the Aptera, I could make it without charging, but if I wanted to stop for a leg stretch, bathroom break, it would be less then the 25 minutes in total and I could charge a bit for safety / buffer.

    Win: Aptera (I can’t speak to the comfort of the drive, just getting there)

    Now, lets say I wanted to do frequent longer trips. I’m going to take my Tesla to South Dakota next month, I’ll use that as an example. I’m going to use the 1000 mile Aptera for this, because if I’m making frequent long trips, this is what I would have and its still cheaper than my Model Y.

    Going to Rapid City SD it is a total of 1404 miles (according to abrp).

    Tesla: Miles 1404 Total time: 24 hours 26 minutes of which 3 hours 27 minutes is charging in 12 stops.

    Aptera: Miles 1515 Total time: 24 hours 59 minutes of which 2 hours 19 minutes is charging in 3 stops.

    If the software did the same route, the Aptera would have won handily, even on this longer drive. It added over 100 miles to pick up a charger though, something I think could be avoided, but we’ll go with that.

    Win: Depends on what you are looking at. Total time is pretty close. Charging time is much less (about 2/3rds) with Aptera so if the mileage was the same, I would arrive earlier with the Aptera.

    Since Tesla is opening their supercharger network (and more CCS charges are being installed rapidly), the Aptera will be the clear winner on this.

    Now, you might say, but I want to drive more than 1400 miles in a day to which I say, “Please Don’t”. Get some rest, charge while you are sleeping.

    You could say, “But the Model S gets better range, fewer stops” and this might be true, but I could buy several Apteras for that money.

    Now, 50KW charging sounds slow, but with the increased efficiency it is actually much better in real life examples.