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  • my_discord_number_is_0328 bloody stupid

    August 30, 2021 at 6:29 pm

    old forum had thread about steering wheel alternative, one of them was arm actuated levers mechanically connected to wheels (or maybe just fighter pilot video game joytsick), with existing motor torque vectoring held like joystick and maybe with air pressure torque multiplication.

    as jhon said, this was for that benefit to allow more space for airbag to de compress with body pushing against it toward dashboard to allow more cushioning,

    but it also to can allow ones arms to be rested on height adjustable arm rests instead of holding them up constantly on long drives vs normal wheel, and to allow dashboard (of normal car) to be closer to windshield field of view so it takes less time to change focus between display and windshield, and to allow more compact space toward front of cabin vs the middle part for sharper thus more font aerodynamic front end and less weight (similar to airel atom 4). also how about if the middle screen is not as big of a square and rather its a half size rectangle and the other half can exist at a dashboard more in line of sight of driver to make it quicker to change focus from looking at the outside to dashboard and back onto road, although phone app with optional USB mic attachment for voice command concepts from old forum are better at least for budget purpose oriented customer (which is i bet is most people and increasingly so as things generally become more expensive).

    f steering wheel proves still better somehow and if max size driver ends up having knees near steering wheel in future cars, steering wheel can be smaller and removable like a ariel atom to allow person to get in and out easier or else driver would have to compact his first leg going in against his stomach or get it over the steering wheel. if aptera gets narrower then it would be more of a sporty car and in that case it becomes more sensible to have 3 spoke circle steering wheel that allows hands and thumbs to grip around it.