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  • Joshua Rosen

    August 29, 2021 at 8:47 am

    I’d like to see them use a 12V lithium battery instead of lead acid but it’s unlikely. Tesla has started to use 12V lithium batteries in the new Model S’s and they say they want to do it all cars but that hasn’t happened yet and every other EV maker hasn’t said anything about replacing the lead acid batteries. Lead acid batteries are ill-suited to EV use, both VW and Ford had problems with the ID.3 and Mach-E getting bricked because they didn’t manage the drain correctly. The lead acid batteries have been known to fail in as little as two or three years on the Model 3, by contrast the battery on my last ICE car lasted 8 years before it needed replacement.

    Running out of juice is also likely to become more frequent as EVs become more common and more importantly as they move into the mainstream instead of early adopters. In today’s world where charging stations are far apart EV owners are careful about their battery management, ironically as the charging infrastructure gets better you are likely to see more people running out of battery because they will become as nonchalant about charge levels as people are about gas. AAA will still be able to handle this although it will be slower. Tow trucks are based on pickup trucks, the F150 hybrid already as 7KW of available power and the F150 Lightning will have 11KW, You’ll be able to plug your portable EVSE into it’s 240V outlet and get enough charge to get to a DC charger but instead of the five minutes it takes with gas it will be an hour. Now that Ford has made on board power outlets a feature every other truck maker will have to follow suit. In Europe you have the benefit of three phase power so in theory those trucks could put out 22KW instead of the 11KWs that we are limited to in the US.

    New cars don’t come with spare tires anymore with the exception of off-roaders, EVs are not different than any other car in this respect. The solution is a tow. I have a 200 mile towing plan with AAA, Tesla also provides towing and they would be the first call I’d make. Aptera will probably do the same and offer towing services. AWD cars require flat bed tow trucks, you can’t use a hook truck. The same will be true for even the FWD Aptera because it will have to be towed from the back, towing a car on one wheel won’t work, it’s likely to tip over.