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  • Harry Parker Parker

    August 28, 2021 at 9:31 am

    After 2 long lasting (many days) power outages here in NJ years ago, I finally shopped around for an emergency generator. You can buy a gas powered one for under $1000 that’s good for 7.5KW. I figured it cost over $1/KWH to run. Bought and installed my own transfer switch for a few hundred dollars to power my home’s critical circuits and I was good to go. Got it inspected to keep the town happy, too.

    I can now run my water pump, fridge, pellet stove, microwave, heat the outside bathroom to keep the pipes from freezing, so I’m good to go. Of course the power has never gone out once since then for over an hour or 2. 🤨

    All that is way less expensive than solar panels on your roof, but only good for rare emergencies. It is also much less expensive than a home battery storage system.

    If your utility allows it and pays you for any excess electricity your solar panels generate and you send to the grid through a grid-tie inverter, then ALL the electricity they generate will be used. That’s the most cost effective way to use your rooftop solar panels. Then charge all your EVs and run your home from the solar + grid power in your walls.