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  • George Hughes

    August 27, 2021 at 1:18 am

    Some cars simply float better than others. The stories of VW Beetles floating in ponds was common 40-50 years ago.

    Now anything can happen in a flash flood. A car could be trapped in a culvert or under a fallen tree. But since this kind of accident is prominent in some parts, apparently, ask yourself are VW Beetles under or over represented as the vehicle of victims.

    As far as the ‘fly off a bridge scenario,’ your first jolt hitting the water will by definition be more like a spear entering the water than a brick. Apter’s .13 Cd compares not to pretty slick cars with .20 -.29 cd but those with .30 to .40+ are true bricks and are in the majority.

    The Aptera is also light and roughly egg shaped with an air-bubble on top and a heavy battery under the seats. Even if you fell off a tall bridge into a bay, the fact that the pressure is being spread pretty evenly over the entire composite monocoque (think motorcycle helmet) body suggests it is that spear and it will right itsself as it bobs to the top.

    That would be my expectation although there are definitely limits. I think it is going to be like old Aptera’s six-times roof strength advantage except even better.

    What we won’t know, until Aptera is in production and accidents happen, whether it will sink if you’re 20 lbs over maximum weight or if you find yourself in a pond, you ought not open the door and because with only one passenger, if the driver is over 300 lbs, it will capsize.

    PS: I think Hollywood will have fun with this feature because, in comparison to other cars, nothing is built like this. That means it can do things other car’s can’t.