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  • my_discord_number_is_0328 bloody stupid

    August 20, 2021 at 1:42 pm wonder if this would have been more efficient b/c areodynamics but aptera didnt do it b/c it ended up being too heavy or they were afraid noone would buy it b/c people want to sit next to each other but uber passenger would like more privacy though. cabin space too claustrophobia triggering for too many people?

    what if rear passenger is facing backward and behind the driver rather than next to him , so sitting upright body weight of driver and passenger is at center of car for midengine-like handling, heavy electronics in between them, maybe motors next to them too. space between passenger head and driver and the weight required to house that space can be cut off, the trunk space can be utilized as extra leg space, and such can exuse rather minimal space b/c its not often that the whole trunk space is utilized, while less weight allows cheaper fuel cost, build cost etc. also less higher mass means lower center of gravity.

    the free-piston concept is a way to allow combustion fuel drivetrain without need for much space for mechanical connection between engine and wheels (last part

    how about 2 two seater cars where one can tow the other and the others computer controls motors and steering assist motor to make towing no less quick traveling or stable at turns than if 2 cars were driving separately, allowing driver of 2nd car to do something besides driving. this is nice for family, 1 driver can carry 3 others but 2 drivers can go different places at once when wanted (like mother and father going to different places for work, one gets groceries while other goes somewhere else etc)

    or if the math doesnt work out, something more normal would be these concepts in a subcompact 4 seater, a second car could be a 2 seater which in total emulates minivan, or 3 two seaters, etc

    how about version of this just for fun