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  • John Malcom

    August 19, 2021 at 6:16 pm

    Fanfare, I am not saying that ideas shouldn’t be generated, documented and assessed, and vetted by a multidisciplinary team from engineering, marketing, finance, and senior management at the right time in the development cycle.

    I am an engineer with 45+ years of engineering experience in vehicle development, aircraft development, and space systems development. As an engineer, I am sure you are aware that we are way past the conceptual/ideation phase in the development of this vehicle. Our engineering efforts at this point should be focused on making a prototype and sourcing production components that are as reliable as possible representing the chosen feature set, manufacturable, and as low cost (Not price, but cost) as possible and getting it in the market as soon as possible.

    If there is such a group in Aptera working on the ideation/design of the next version of an Aptera vehicle, vetting/prioritizing a feature set, and doing risk assessment for developing and manufacturing it, I am SURE that all ideas generated on this forum, plus ideas for other sources will be considered at the right time. A SIGNIFICANT component of the idea set will be feedback from Aptera owners and the market response to the vehicle. This can not happen until production, sales, and some driver experience is available to the team on the currently engineered feature set.

    The engineers, testers, etc. working on this version of the Aptera should not be distracted from the goal of production on schedule, not even by the greatest ideas for enhancement.

    I trust the management and engineering teams (Who have proven to be GREATLY successful) to make the right decisions on ideas presented and if/when to incorporate them.

    As enthusiasts and future owners we should not feel slighted if our favorite ideas are not approved for incorporation “Right away” I think a little trust and patience will win out for Aptera.