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  • Joshua Rosen

    August 19, 2021 at 11:11 am

    Aptera has to buy their parts from suppliers so they won’t be able to do the type of integration that Tesla does. Sandy Munro kvells when he looks at a Tesla because they integrate every system, he beams over things like the octovalve like he was the mother of a new born baby. When he takes apart other cars he sees a mass of wires and hoses because those cars are pieced together from a basket of parts bought from outside suppliers. The degree that this effects cars built this way is pretty amazing. He just took apart the MachE, the rear drive unit was a nasty kludge but he thought the front drive unit was better than Tesla’s, same car, two different motor suppliers. Aptera should do better than that because it’s a small team designing the car, it sounds the Ford’s front end people have never met their rear end people. However Aptera will be limited by what they can buy, they also have a very small engineering team so they will have to prioritize what they do first.

    BTW on a side note. I’ve been working for or consulting to start ups for 40 years. It is far far better for a company to have too little money than too much. When you have limited resources you have to make hard decisions quickly and you are forced to simplify your system, at the end of the day you get something out the door on time and it’s clean and elegant. If you are swimming in money you delay decisions and you try to throw everything including the kitchen sink into the system, that’s a recipe for disaster. Aptera is in the limited resource boat, if they have to delay adding features to get the first version of the car out the door then that’s what they should do. Ship something that’s good enough now and steadily improve it later.