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  • George Hughes

    August 17, 2021 at 9:11 am

    Okay, so I like comfort so all the basics like power windows, locks and doors. A really comfortable seat and access to the motor controller/programming which would allow the creation of apps like my proposed “Parade App,” the ability to drive doors-up at speeds under 25 mph (that’s about when wind pressure will close them hard.), an app that will increase the top speed to 125 mph (up from the limited 110 mph), and compatibility with what I’ll call a ‘follow me’ app.

    Follow me is intended first as the app that lets you bring along a four-wheeled self-powered trailer that is tethered electronically to Aptera. Obviously, the self-powered trailer would be an EV, complete with its own power supply.

    Follow me could also work to ‘lead’ a second Aptera making it the poor man’s level 2+ driving by empowering two, three or four Aptera to follow, in close order, a lead Aptera in most terrains in an electronically tethered ‘car-train.’

    The development of the follow-me app initiative ought to be promoted by Aptera as an industry effort to broaden the concept. Imagine entities like Uber and Lyft, who could pick you up at your favorite club and shuttle both you and your Aptera safely home.

    It would be great if there is a digital key or door into the Aptera’s operating system that would make it easy to diddle with the controller’s options in the app environment. (By that I mean the standard operating system would remain unchanged but when you run under an app, it is basically operating under the control of special operating system mode that leaves the standard intact. To restore to normal, turn off, then turn on the OS.

    Also vehicle to vehicle battery connections for charging ought to be set up. If you ‘ve got V2V, you can presumably connect to a home battery storage system that will take care of the V2G connections.

    I like the idea of the valet mode.

    And in deference to John Malcolm, the things sought at this point is just a backdoor into the software for add-on apps that will allow for future development.

    I kind of figure that Aptera, while dedicated to ‘right to repair’ is still somewhat concerned about leaving the OS of the Aptera totally open to tinkerers who will play with things like torque-vectoring to the point of making an error that would disable the vehicle.

    Aptera’s CTO Nathan Armstrong suggested they are looking at how to open the OS up to the Aptera owners but I’ve not heard any specifics in this context. I am encouraging Aptera to make the software accessible through the creation of specific apps.