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  • Leonard Nowak Nowak

    August 12, 2021 at 1:16 pm

    I followed Aptera back in late 2000, when living in NJ, dreaming then that after Aptera was launched in southern California, I would have to be patient until the production would eventually allow distribution to NJ . 😞 Sad, but no hard feelings. I

    But then…. a bit of luck…

    I did have a memorable test ride in the Aptera 2e in late 2009, when it came through Princeton, NJ on roadshow. I was really hooked !😀

    But that launch plan did not happen….for reasons we all know.

    Fast-forward to Aug 2019…. A decade later, retired now in Arizona… I just happened to search “Aptera” and was excited to read about the reincarnation of Aptera and by the original founders!!!

    The icing on the cake now includes the fact that it makes so much more sense for me to have the latest Aptera all electric vehicle with the latest technology, improved aerodynamics, weight, range and the “refresh” to this (even then) futuristic vehicle. I don’t need the Aptera now to commute to the office, instead now for more fun things!”

    No other EV offered enough of what I thought I wanted, so I never invested in an EV

    Enters “ Aptera “ an sEV!


    I joined my local EV club to learn more, from the mix of EV owners.

    Aptera still comes to the top, “for my needs”. I am our club’s point person for Aptera questions for members and visitors, as we all watch Aptera evolve to production

    I am super excited to do volunteer my help as an Aptera Brand Ambassador too! i.e.,Do More Together. Of course I am still dreaming to have my own Aptera, complementing my Net Zero home/lifestyle. The benefits of PV Solar is not foreign to me, having had them on my past NJ home and present AZ nest. I never saw the Never Charge Aptera and these super range possibilities coming. I am thinking my AZ region (solar zone 8) and my high elevation will help my dream shine and soar, in an Aptera!

    Another bit of luck🎉… In June I got to meet some of the Aptera team, Sol and Noir.


    Chris behind “Sol” at June event at headquarters, where Steve, Chris, Sarah and team members Featuring “Sol” presenting and answering questions from their audience

    Chris with me at my ICE , which I will retire for my Aptera. Meanwhile it carries my magnetic signs announcing Aptera 🎉