Stores, Roadshows, How are they going to do testdrives?

Aptera Community Aptera Discussions Stores, Roadshows, How are they going to do testdrives?

Aptera Community Aptera Discussions Stores, Roadshows, How are they going to do testdrives?

  • Stores, Roadshows, How are they going to do testdrives?

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  • Joshua Rosen

    October 20, 2021 at 6:59 am

    What are their plans for doing test drives outside of Southern Cal? I would never buy a car that I haven’t test driven, how are they going to handle test drives? Do they have plans for stores or at least doing road shows where they take demonstrators around the country so that people can try them?

  • Leonard Nowak

    October 20, 2021 at 8:08 am might be your best email to ask later this year. I am sure they will only use production intend cars for the public to test drive.

    The old Aptera 2e was only suppose to sold in southern CA, back >2009 but they came through on a roadshow to NJ and they took us on a test run, where an Aptera representative drove.

    The Tesla I test drove was a matter “ for me” to travel one hour to a Tesla site that provided a test drive

    I test drove BMWs and MBs, a local racetrack setting in the past… I let my adult son go on those “these days”…

    I purchased my first car after a test drive at that huge dealerships, in campus test track. I brand new 72 Barracuda, Reedman Dealership, in Langhorn, PA. Memories. 17 yr. Paid cash. I always held a job somewhere, hoping to get a car (as I was from big family and didn’t expect my parents to have that burden) . Bid deal , back then… for this simple guy!

    I have been living in a rural setting for too many years, now ... So…I am not sure I would like to test drive a unique Aptera, for the first time, on a crowded roadway in CA

    Aptera did mention once exploring providing a “virtual ride” I am up for that!

    There is an Aptera seven day/ 1000 mi return policy, however that works?

    I was impressed with my ride in the Sol (🤔 WOW! the same vehicle Jay Leno drove!) , which just a first version alpha vehicle… And I did not get the “old dude” version of a ride! And that was only a FWD model.

    I can only think it will be better going forward?

  • Kraig Robson

    October 21, 2021 at 7:20 am

    Hi Leonard,

    So fantastic that you got a ride in Sol! I am so excited for my Aptera, but my wife quickly reminds me how many cars I have rejected just by sitting in them – no test drive necessary. I’m 6’2″ and I can’t believe how the rooflines in many vehicles block my vision, even with the seat in it’s lowest position. In many smaller rental cars I have to crane my neck in order to see stoplights.

    Can you comment on your impression of the interior space and seating position for Sol? I know the Beta vehicles are supposed to be a bit larger.

    Fingers crossed the Aptera will pass my sitting test, because I’m completely on board with everything else.

  • Laura Batchelor

    November 30, 2021 at 5:50 pm

    I am also very concerned about ordering without being able to sit in the Aptera before purchasing. My husband is older and has had two hips, a shoulder and a knee replaced. Some cars are difficult for him to get in and out of. I’m wondering about where he will be able to grab with his hands, if the door will hit his head and exactly how high the seat will be from the ground. I’m no spring chicken either and my hips are starting to go, plus I’m on the tall side. I would love to see an Aptera in Miami just to “test sit.” I don’t need to drive it to know if it will work for us. At a minimum, I’d like to see a video of lots of different size and age people getting in and out of the car to judge how hard it will be for him. There is a funny video on you tube of an older man having to crawl out of the new Corvette on his hands and knees. I don’t want to pay $45k and have to do that… The thought of that’s been keeping me from placing an order just yet.

    • Oz Man

      November 30, 2021 at 7:08 pm

      Laura, depending on where you sit on the reservation list, I expect many of the ambassadors that may be ahead of you in the queue, might be willing to let you try it on for size, and possibly a test drive as well. Might be a nice thread to start.

    • Peter Jorgensen

      December 1, 2021 at 7:22 am

      Laura, Throw in a reservation if you’re interested – That will hold your position in the queue. You can always cancel it if you want. It’s $100. If you use a referral code it’s $70. Current reservations will probably be fullfilled in 2024. If you reserve once they hit the road they might be out to 2025 or 2026.

    • Ray Holan

      December 1, 2021 at 8:27 am

      Welcome, Laura. I certainly understand your distaste for purchasing without sitting in or driving an Aptera. As you may have noticed in the responses within this thread, there is a general willingness of those who will take early delivery of their Aptera to provide others like yourself to get a ride and perhaps even drive the vehicle. Here is the link to the map of the current reservation holders:

      The map does not show contact information for each person, but at least it will give you an idea about how close other Aptera owners will be.

      Road shows and events will help. However, given there are only 3 Alpha vehicles and 6 Beta vehicles planned (Aptera has stated that the Beta vehicle will not be pretty since they’re intended for testing purposes), it’s not likely you will see a company owned Aptera prior to actual production vehicles being shipped to owners who reserved in December 2020 or before.

      I should say that I am a reservation holder, an Aptera ambassador, and have volunteered to head up the Events Committee. This is one of the three volunteer committees, the other two being Communications and Legislation.

      The loose plan at this point is to hold Online Events — either standalone or as part of a larger online event (e.g. webinars, zoom meetings, etc.) and In-person Events — either standalone or as part of a larger event (e.g. Southwest Solar Conference). Of course, the missing ingredient to an in-person event is an actual Aptera and booth space at a large event can be costly. I encourage you to whet your appetite on the existing webinar and video recordings on the Aptera website. You can also search YouTube for 3rd party videos. Some of these are decent, others merely repeat content from the Aptera website.

      • Laura Batchelor

        December 2, 2021 at 8:24 am

        It’s not so much distaste as having tried getting into numerous cars that just don’t fit. I had a Miata that I would hit my head on EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I got in and out because I was just too tall for the car opening (5’10.5″/6′ wearing low heels). Same thing for my first husband (6’+ shoes). I had to sell it because he really hated it. My 2001 Honda CRV was perfect, but got trashed in Hurricane Irma. When I tried the newer smaller version (trying to stay small because of tiny parking spaces), I struggled with getting in and out, hitting my head and knees on the passenger side and having to hoist myself out by holding onto the door frame. It wasn’t pretty. I didn’t even let my second husband try to get in for fear we wouldn’t be able to get him back out. He’s going to be 91 in a couple of weeks and has a lot of after-market parts. LOL

        I will take a look at the map of owners. That will be a huge help. I really don’t even need to drive it, since that’s not my issue. With luck, I can find someone willing to let me sit in theirs before I take delivery. I just found out from another comment that the deposit is refundable, so that’s a big incentive to placing the order.

        It would be nice to have a model at in-person events where folks can see, touch and sit in it, even without test drives or not the final design. Videos just don’t quite give the same information, particularly the artsy-fartsy marketing ones where they go zipping down the highway at odd camera angles, in the dark. I know they are necessary to sell the Aptera, but they don’t really give a serious buyer the info like the ones done by Chris as an update with detailed specs. I just haven’t seen one of those detailed ones that is informative on physically getting in and out. The 2013 Jay Leno video shows his head but not his legs as he gets in. The 2021 Jay Leno video doesn’t show him getting in, but it looks like the seat has high sides (on one side anyway) that may make getting out awkward. The seat height looks like it may work (just from looking at the guys standing next to it), but there was mention of lowering the seat 1″ in a recent video. So… May I suggest that you ask the powers that be to make a video showing different sizes of people getting in and out?

        Thank you so much for your help!

        • Ray Holan

          December 2, 2021 at 9:26 am

          Hi, Laura. Thanks for your informative and colorful response! It’s nice to get a little personality into a post. Gives some relief to what can otherwise be a somewhat dry series of technical discussions. LOL.

          Yes, being able to get into the Aptera comfortably is a critical feature. My wife, who is 5′ 4″ is stubbornly hanging onto her 2016 Subaru Crosstrek because she likes the effect of sitting up high. Strangely, I bump my head frequently when I get into the passenger side of this vehicle. Go figure.

          I do hope between official appearances and private owner sponsored appearances you’ll be able to get a test fit very soon. At this time, there are no firm plans from Aptera to take the Alpha or Beta vehicles on the show circuit. Of course, that could change. I will certainly put in a word for getting them out into the wild so prospective buyers like yourself can at least see and sit in them.

          • Paul Kirchner

            December 2, 2021 at 10:38 am

            I think issues of ingress and egress need to wait until dust settles on the beta phase. They’re raising this, lowering that, tweaking here, poking there. Until then we have the myriad of videos and whatnot relating to something that no longer holds true to some extent.

            • Ray Holan

              December 2, 2021 at 11:15 am

              Your point of caution is well taken, Paul. Aptera is going from toddler to adolescent very quickly. Who knows what it will look like when it stops growing?

          • Laura Batchelor

            December 2, 2021 at 1:01 pm

            Colorful? 🤣 Not in the Keys!! I’m boring here.

            How about doing lots of pop-up events instead of big expensive shows? Much cooler to park one in an empty retail space in an interesting arts district or upscale mall parking lot with a very cool trailer/booth for info. Maybe a refurbed shiny Airstream? Honestly, car people already know about the Aptera. Expand your audience to reach those who are more interested saving the planet than car minutiae. Or better yet, the “I remember driving all week on $5 worth of gas” and “Gas is HOW MUCH?!” people.

            The thought of being able to save money/drive for free with solar panels was the biggie for me. The 600/1000 mile range makes it a real world possibility. Saving the planet is icing on the cake.

            • Ray Holan

              December 2, 2021 at 1:44 pm

              Love your idea of pairing the Aptera with an Airstream since they’re both attuned to aerodynamics.

  • Paul Kirchner

    November 30, 2021 at 6:03 pm

    I’ve bought a couple cars without test drives. It seemed to really bother the salesperson that I refused to drive it first. On the other hand, the first time I sat in a J30 I hit my head on the A Pillar going in and got out and walked out

  • David Marlow

    December 1, 2021 at 12:25 am

    The Aptera Ambassador’s or possibly other excited owners will offer rides, in some cases test drives. However that will not be until next summer when we get ours, with out having a test drive or even a ride our selves before purchase. But waiting until then will put you back farther on the list to get one your self. They will refund your deposit if you change you mind, so there is no risk in ordering now.

    • Laura Batchelor

      December 2, 2021 at 7:53 am

      Thank you for letting me know I can get a refund. That makes me much more likely to place an order, once I work out the options I will need. Appreciate it!

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