Stella Vita – Super efficient Solar assisted RV

Aptera Community Solar EV Industry News Stella Vita – Super efficient Solar assisted RV

Aptera Community Solar EV Industry News Stella Vita – Super efficient Solar assisted RV

  • Stella Vita – Super efficient Solar assisted RV

  • Peter Jorgensen

    September 13, 2021 at 2:20 pm

    I just found this on Electrek – Thoughts? It looks like a stripped-out shell but I like the idea. Maybe Aptera will actually produce something like this concept – but much more appealing looking – in 10 years.

  • John Malcom

    September 13, 2021 at 5:45 pm

    Oh Peter, this thing is really ugly! Looks a little like a cockroach with wings when the solar cells are extended. I know, I know, shouldn’t judge by appearances

    Seriously, it looks a little spartan inside but that is ok in a European camper. Looks like it will go a little more than 400 miles on a sunny day. In Europe that is L O N G distance. I lived in Germany, England, and Scotland. We didn’t have too many sunny days, especially in Scotland. Italy, Spain a different story.

    It is not production ready and as the article states, is not designed with the required safety features. Hats off to the college students for such an accomplishment and hope they do well in the competition.

    As for Aptera, they would build it if there was a good business case and market for it. They would engineer it extremely well and it would be built quickly and efficiently. They have a range of vehicles coming out, camping kits for one of them would work. If Aptera decided to do it it would be available long before 10 years passed

    • Peter Jorgensen

      September 14, 2021 at 7:34 am

      Oh yes it’s horribly ugly! But the concept I like. I think Aptera could do that MUCH better for a small RV or delivery truck size vehicle. I guess a delivery vehicle driving 4-6 hours a day would be a better market for land-based solar and multiple charges a day but the solar would be perfect for an RV.

      I think I’m going to do a photoshop concept art of an aptera version. While I’m at it, I should do the truck and van too… Hmm…

  • my_discord_number_is_0328 bloody stupid

    September 14, 2021 at 5:58 pm

    this should be a trailer not a car b/c whole RV home doesnt need to be transported when going to work or getting food and stuff, the home part of things will mostly never need to move even if its not for long term trailer living. even stuff like refilling freshwater tank can be done by having teh tank be a bag that can sit in the aptera, and car is used to fetch teh water, possibly by trailer, and trailer wedge itself under the home module and lock in when moving the home. that way, trailer can be used to carry other stuff too, and maybe a fold out tarp/flatbed/cross bars so carried stuff doesnt fall in between the bars of the trailer chassis

    “trailers” can be added to 2 seater, the 2 seater can be cut in half and hitch is kept, for heavier load it may be worth adding semi truck style rear hitch like those pick up trucks do. the 2 seater is designed for normal use, but a bigger drive train can take up storage and passenger space with more power dense energy storage/engine swap for heavy moving or as sports car. electric motor driven drivetrains allow more packaging flexibility than normal combustion drivetrain, and its likely that electric is the future, weather it be new electric tech, hydrogen, combustion free piston to electric/air pressure drivetrain, etc.

    wheel motors brakes maybe sold to be added onto whatever trailer customer uses, such could also have built in torque vectoring computer and battery/capacitor if its to be used for normal car too.

    cars as trailers instead of bigger car:

    multiple cars computer can be programmed to follow each other as if they were connected like train box cars, and they could be physically connected if that helps efficiency. motors make trailer driving quicker by motor and brakes torque vectoring, so vs normal trailer driving, there’s no being slow to stop, quicker speed around turns before losing traction etc. app and self driving software encourages similar behavior with whatever car on the road for areodynamics. it can have stuff like building momentum slowly especially on downhills, then maintaining it even around turns to avoid braking, all for battery life, within safety. 2 two seaters would be cheaper than 2 four seaters, ahile allowing 2 parts of family go to different places at once (which is becoming more common as both husband wife are working at different places everyday as cost of living increases.). this still allows 1 driver for 4 passenger. there mayeb demand for 1 four seater and 2 two seater, to imitate minivans but also to have the more sporty light weight car.

    aftermarket rental to help pay costs:

    trailer and maybe car itself maybe rented to customer assuming people will keep the car for logn enough, and such maybe done by owners where aptera gets some of profits. drivetrain swap, trailer hitch, semitruck style hitch, maybe another class of maybe modular car/truck, maybe RV, can all be rented. aptera can connect owners and rental customers needs and offers and aftermarket collaborations on the forum, which maybe advertise through that aptera app concept to replace built in infotainment with users device from that big thread about the car interior in old forum.

    extra stuff like aesthetics, speakers, aftermarket stuff, could also be rented/brought to be plugged in after car brought, 3rd party uses forum to find customer, create demands for their stuff, and aptera can advertise quality verified products on the order configurator and profit from advertising.

    aesthetics can be stuff like wood/stone trims etc, the standard car can be clean slate with places to screw in aftermarket pieces as such. no other luxry car can do that, maybe unless your a billionare that can re construct the interior of “one off” programs for you rolls roryce bently mclaren aston martin many times over

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