Carbon footprint to produce vs ICE

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Aptera Community Aptera Discussions Carbon footprint to produce vs ICE

  • Carbon footprint to produce vs ICE

  • Curtis Cibinel

    October 11, 2021 at 1:23 pm

    Given the aptera is 1/2 the weight of most cars I’m wondering how its carbon footprint to produce compares. One classis anti-EV argument is that if the grid is dirty and the vehicle takes more energy to produce that it will take a long time to break even with ICE so just drive the current car into the ground. I suspect given the overall weight, small battery (40 kwh will almost certainly be the most popular option), low amount of aluminum/steel and responsibly sourced interior materials (some kind of hemp + resin as I recall) that the Aptera might be lower carbon to make than ICE even on day 1.

    PS: Not talking about long term energy usage. The ICE vs EV argument is fairly weak at the best of times.

  • my_discord_number_is_0328 bloody stupid

    October 11, 2021 at 8:56 pm

    some essential electric battery isnt being recycled mass scale and tech that does exist doesnt allow for materials to be used at teh same preformance level as non recycled mined from the ground material.rather preserve teh material for when we can fully recyle it at no losses, so it lasts far longer than they do now. theres also electric grid overload that cause charging schedule conflicts espeicallly in high electric car population density on top on usual grid demands and consumerisms contribution to demands.

    being lightweight also helps road infrastructure lifetime, less maintainece emissions and tax paid cost. tires (which are made of mostly petrol and plastics and emit toxic fumes when friction burned, and some of it doesn’t get recycled) last longer, and same with friction brake pads last longer live until battery problems are fixed, this freepiston, liquid rotary, nissan e power approach, etc directly powering motor and small battery is probably best balance. i wonder is turbine could be added to continue the burn after piston for cleaner burn and more energy profit. maybe partial air pressure regen can support the electrics by storing pressure in spaces of car otherwise unused maybe by a bag like solution spread through spaces in chassis especially with reverse engineering that electric muscle fiber thing, also piezoelectrics etc. b/c its electric drive, the powertrain can be timeless ready for swaping out with whatever energy storage tech wins ex. different elctric battery +capacitor, hydrogen laser cassette or putty,

    its also most appealing to customer for “dont have too goto gas station” convenience for most trips and no range anxiety for uncommon long trips without paying money and weight cost of big battery (handling less agile). with right marketing, you can get the electric only people to appreciate this balance. you can get drive enjoyers to appreciate it with still instant torque, weight distribution, plus range extender can be and to sound interesting if done right at least theoretically with sound chamber manipulation (pedal position pushing/pulling sound chamber valves or something). the regen battery can be precharged by revving at stoplight for a quicker acceleration or when approaching a high torque cornering situation. engine map can be made linear to serve customer who demands it without making a separate drivetrain system b/c its better to sell a still more low lifetime emissions car than lose to competition thats doesn’t care about emissions beyond laws. see engineering explained videos on combustion and electric vs combustion, and hydrogen.

    little funny fact: toyota is combusting hydrogen and says theyll even make production model. they do usually do things they say theyll do .

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