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  • my_discord_number_is_0328 bloody stupid

    August 19, 2021 at 8:39 pm

    because areodynamics was so prioritized to the point of making car around 88 inch wide despite how most aptera buyers are probably at some level comparing with new toyota 86 , miata, bmw supra etc, the car could serve as platform for future drivetrain especially as electric motor regenerative braking makes weight of larger car less impactful to efficiency making areodynamics matter more, and electric motor is probably here to stay vs mechanical gearing to wheels in normal combustion cars especially with promise of no rare earth metal motor, more recyclable motor and batteries, laws that increasingly suppress the more inefficient combustion cars etc(theres even talk about banning production of new combustion cars nationally). the solar parts seems to sit in separate panels too, so when fully recyclable solar panel with less materials like mercury etc enter market, people can swap at end of current panels lifetime, or if panels dont get better but its time for current panel lifetime to end, replace with structurally strengthening piece, or else read window, etc.

    so maybe if aptera agrees to support a parts upgrade request in purchase contract, the warranty is kept in exchange for opportunity to make money off of the custom commission where employee works in someone’s place (maybe keep a tent handy) for transportation cost reasons. a unique commission is also opportunity to experiment to design new standard product and available upgrade for previous customer which customer is aware about with a once a year email update or more often emails if customer is subscribed to such.

    this would also make buying aptera more attractive vs for ex. tesla, who currently wants people buying a whole new car when older car battery degrades too much.

    besides better electronic stuff, theres hydrogen stuff, synthetic combustion fuel, also the free piston combustion concept(where pistons move back and forth to push against magnets to create electrical energy for electric motor, and electric battery is only big enough for some regenerative braking after stuff like super capacitor. so no crankshaft or any mechanical connection to wheels, combustion doesn’t have to be about maintaining RPM etc b/c electronics do that, if battery degrades too much so needs replacement, potentially the car can still work without regen braking for temporary work. nissan E power in nismo note hatchback is a less unqiue version of this (only sold in japan, like honda s660.https://www.riversimple.com/service/#subscriptionmodelt ).

  • George Hughes

    August 20, 2021 at 1:23 am

    One of the messages that Aptera could be sending with their revolutionary approach to market is that the suppliers will soon have direct access to Aptera buyers.

    We all deep down have the belief that Aptera has in its current form, an iconic design that is so desirable, that over the next decade, it could literally redefine personal transportation. It does this by equating utility with efficiency and efficiency with fun.

    I predict well over a million Aptera on the roads by the 2030. Efficient cars sell. The Smart Fortwo sold 1.5 million TWO-SEAT vehicles world-wide between 1998-2013. And for a fun-take, Mazda sold it’s millionth two-seat Miata in 2016. There is a hunger for a two seat car that makes sense as personal transportation

    I mean will a competing in-wheel manufacturer come out with a higher output motor in “Aptera” configuration that will push the light Aptera 0-60 in 1.8 seconds? If that is a $4,000 upgrade (with trade-in) you’re going to have a nice market if there are millions of us out there. Ditto the guy with the hydrogen bricks or disks that make it possible to store hydrogen as a solid and release the gas for use by modulation of lasers. the idea of course is to use a fuel cell fed with hydrogen. That becomes a particularly good option for V2H connection in remote areas as the fuel cell can presumably run and generate electricity as long as you feed it hydrogen. Hence with a fuel cell the Aptera becomes a fuel-cell power generator.

    But what is most amazing to me is I think cowboys are going to love it because it is kind of like a horse. You ride it, leave it in the pasture and when you come back, its’ fed and ready to go. If that cowboy’s name was Roy, he might even call his Aptera ‘trigger.’

    We all imagine, the Aptera is a 50+year car – no rust and upgradable – and we have to know that people will personalize their Aptera by naming it.

    • John Malcom

      August 20, 2021 at 11:25 am


      Roy, Trigger reference to cowboys?????? must have been before my time……..

      • George Hughes

        August 21, 2021 at 9:37 am

        Gosh, I looked at your profile pic John, and you should be old enough to remember Roy Rogers and Dale Evans – and his trusted horse “Trigger” that he had stuffed for the Roy Rogers Singing Cowboy Museum. He was so popular on early – 1950’s- TV he even had a restaurant chain “Roy Rogers Roast Beef sandwiches which was big in the 1980s in the midwest and north east.

        He’s in my mind because he and Dale Evans visited my elementary school as Evans’ ‘Aunt” was a local gossip columnist for the extremely local newspaper in a small town just north of Memphis.

        I take it references to Sky King and Hopalong Cassidy would be ill advised as they, like that to Roy and Trigger, date me.

  • Philip Raymond

    September 5, 2021 at 11:44 pm

    A fun conversation to be sure, but age has nothing to do with a desire to name a vehicle. My daughter named my ’97 Dodge Neon Sal, because of her infatuation with Salvador Dali, when at 16 years old, it became her car. (it was also that weird jade green color, that I called Gumby green) As for hydrogen, the only form of this propulsion that inspires me, is Mazda powering a rotary engine with hydrogen to propel the wheels, not an electric motor. My first new car was a ’74 Mazda Rx3 2 door, so this excites me for the nostalgia and the possibilities, but I still find Aptera a far more desirable option.

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